DVDs & Blu-Rays

2 Days in the Valley   DVD Two
20th Century Fox Studio Classics: 75 years    DVD Desk
200 Classic Cartoons     DVD Two Hundred
3    Godfathers  DVD Three
3:10 to Yuma  DVD Three
4    Movie Marathon. Classic Western Collection   DVD Albuquerque
5    Broken Cameras   DVD 956.94 5 Broken
9    DVD 9 (Nine)
10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix     DVD 613.7 Ten
10 Movie Western Pack    DVD Western
The 12 Dogs of Christmas    DVD 12 Dogs
12    Monkeys      DVD Twelve
12:08 East of Bucharest -Romanian w/ English subtitles DVD Twelve
13th Child  DVD 13th
13    Going on 30    DVD 13 (Thirteen)
The 13th Warrior   DVD Thirteenth
The 14 Wonder of the World Ancient & New   DVD 031.02 Fourteen
15    Minutes   DVD 15 Minutes
16    Blocks  DVD Sixteen (16)
21 Grams    DVD Twenty One
24: Season one   DVD Twenty four season 1
24: Season four   DVD Twenty four season 4
25th Hour    DVD 25th Hour
27    Dresses   DVD 27 Dresses
28    Days    DVD 28 Days
28 Days Later     DVD 28 Days
28 Weeks Later     DVD 28 Weeks
30 Days of Night     DVD Thirty
30 Meals with Rachel Ray Vegging Out     DVD 641.5 Ray v.2 disc 1
30 Meals with Rachel Ray Superior Sandwiches    DVD 641.5 Ray v.2 disc 2
30 Meals with Rachel Ray Party Preparation    DVD 641.5 Ray v.2 disc 3
30 Meals with Rachel Ray One Pot Miracles    DVD 641.5 Ray v.3 disc 1
30 Meals with Rachel Ray Fasta Pasta    DVD 641.5 Ray v.3 disc 2
30 Meals with Rachel Ray Perfect Burger  DVD 641.5 Ray v. 3 disc 3
30 Years of National Geographic Specials      DVD 910.4 Thirty
The 39 Steps      DVD Hitchcock
“42”        DVD 42

50 War Classics      DVD 940.54 War
50/50      DVD Fifty
61*     DVD 61*
84 Charing Cross Road      DVD 84 Charing
127 Hours    DVD 127 Hours
300      DVD 300
360    DVD 360
The 300 Spartans     DVD 300 Spartans
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 4, 2057     DVD 2057
3000 Miles to Graceland      DVD 3000
1408       DVD 1408
1941     DVD Nineteen
2000    Miles to Maine    DVD 796.5 Two
2001    : A Space Odyssey     DVD 2001
2012     DVD 2012
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea     DVD 20,000
The Abandoned     DVD Abandoned
Above Suspicion. Set 1       DVD Above Set 1
Above Suspicion. Set 2   DVD Above Set 2
Absolute Power  DVD Absolute
The Abyss   DVD Abyss
A.M. and P.M. Pilates mat workout  DVD 613.17 A.M.
The Addams Family Volume 1    DVD Addams
The Adjustment Bureau    DVD Adjustment
The Adventures of Pluto Nash    DVD Adventures
Adventures of Robin Hood   DVD Robin
Advise & Consent    DVD Advise
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle    DVD Adventures
AeonFlux   DVD AeonFlux
Affliction   DVD Affliction
Afghan Star  DVD Afghan
African Cats    DVD 591.74 African
African Queen    DVD African
After the Sunset    DVD After
The Agatha Christie Hour. Set 1    DVD Agatha Set 1
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple   DVD Miss Marple v. 1
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple    DVD Miss Marple v. 2
Agent Cody Banks    DVD Agent
Aguirre, Wrath of God  German with English subtitles   DVD Aguirre
A.I. Artificial Intelligence    DVD A.I.
Aida    DVD 782.1 Aida

Ajami    DVD Ajami
Akeelah and the Bee    DVD Akeelah
Aladdin    DVD Aladdin
Alec Guinness: 5 Film Collection    DVD Guinness
Alexander Nevsky    DVD Alexander
Alexander Revisited     DVD Alexander
Alf. Season One    DVD Alf Season 1
Alf. Season Four    DVD Alf Season 4
Alf. Season Three    DVD Alf Season 3
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Blackmail / Easy Virtue    DVD Blackmail
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Birds    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock the Early Years (5 early movies)    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Family Plot    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Frenzy    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Jamaica Inn    DVD Hitchcock Jamaica
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Lady Vanishes      DVD  Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins    DVD Hitchcok
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)   DVD Hitchcock Man
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)   DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Manxman    DVD Hitchcock Manxman
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Marnie    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Murder    DVD Hitchcock Murder
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Number 17    DVD Hitchcock Number
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Psycho    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Rear Window    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Rich and Strange    DVD Hitchcock Rich
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Rope    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Sabotage / The Lodger DVD Hitchcock Sabotage
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Saboteur    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Secret Agent    DVD Hitchcock Secret
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Shadow of a Doubt    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Skin Game    DVD Hitchcock Skin
Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train    DVD Hitchcock Strangers
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Topaz    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Torn Curtain    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Trouble with Harry    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Vertigo    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock   Bonus Disc    DVD Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock’s  The Wrong Man         DVD Hitchcock Wrong
Alfred Hitchcock’s  Young and Innocent         DVD Hitchcock Young
African Cats    DVD 591.74 African
Alice in Wonderland    DVD Alice

Alien    DVD Alien
Alien 3    DVD Alien 3
Aliens: Special Edition    DVD Aliens
All About Steve    DVD All
All day yoga : for beginners       DVD 613.704 All
All in the Family  Complete First Season    DVD All
All That Jazz    DVD All That
All the Pretty Horses    DVD All
All the King’s Men         DVD All
All the Right Moves    DVD 796.334
Almost Famous    DVD Almost
Along Came Polly         DVD Along
Alvarez Kelly    DVD Alvarez
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned     DVD Always
Amadeus : director’s cut       DVD Amadeus
Amazing Grace    DVD Amazing
American Roots Music    DVD 784.4 American
An Affair to Remember    DVD Affair
Amelia    DVD Amelia
Amelie    French with English subtitles    DVD Amelie
America At A Crossroads. Jihad    DVD 303.625 Jihad
America At A Crossroads.  Muslim Americans    DVD 297 Muslim
The American    DVD American
American Beauty    DVD American
American Chopper. Jet Bike    DVD 629.22 American
American Experience: The Abolitionists  DVD 326.809 Abolitionists
American Gothic Episodes 1-7    DVD American Disc 1
American Gothic Episodes 8-15    DVD American Disc 2
American Gothic Episodes 16-22    DVD American Disc 3
An American Haunting    DVD American
An American in Paris         DVD American
American Gangster    DVD American
American History X    DVD American
American Madness    DVD American
The American Revolution: The Conflict Ignites DVD 973.3 American
America’s National Treasures: The Complete 12 Volume Series   DVD 973 America’s
Amish Grace    DVD Amish

Amistad    DVD Amistad
The Amityville Horror    DVD Amityville
Amityville II, The Possession    DVD Amityville II
Analyze That         DVD Analyze
Anchor of the Soul    DVD 974.1 Anchor
The Andromeda Strain    DVD Andromeda
The Andy Griffith Show  Vol 4    DVD Andy
Angela’s Ashes    DVD Angela’s
Angels & Demons    DVD Angels
The Animal    DVD Animal
Animal Kingdom    DVD Animal Kingdom
Anna and the King      DVD Anna
Anna Karenina    DVD Anna
Annapolis    DVD Annapolis
Annie         DVD Annie
Annie Hall      DVD Annie
The Anniversary    DVD Anniversary
Another Year    DVD Another
Antonia’s Line    DVD Antonia
Any Given Sunday    DVD Any
The Apartment         DVD Apartment
Apocalypse Now Redux         DVD Apocalypse
Apocalypto    Mayan with English subtitles    DVD Apocalypto
Archangel    DVD Archangel
Argo    DVD Argo
Arlington: A Field of Honor    DVD 975.5 Arlington
Arlington Road     DVD Arlington
Armageddon    DVD Armageddon
Around the World in 80 days    DVD Around
Arranged    DVD Arranged
The Art: 21 Collection. Seasons 1-6    DVD 709.73 Art
Arthur    DVD Arthur
The Ascent of Money    DVD 332.09 Ascent

As Good As It Gets         DVD As
Ashes and Diamonds    DVD Ashes
The Asphalt Jungle    DVD Asphalt
The Assassination of Jesse James     DVD Assassination
Assassin’s Bullet    DVD Assassin’s
Assault on Precinct 13    DVD Assault
Assemble Insert    DVD Assemble
As Time Goes By.  Complete Seasons 1 & 2    DVD As Time
As Time Goes By: You Must Remember This    DVD As Time
Astronaut’s Wife    DVD Astronaut’s
Atonement    DVD Atonement
At First Sight    DVD At First
At War with the Army      DVD At
Edge of Heaven    German with English subtitles    DVD Edge
August Rush    DVD August
Augustus    DVD Augustus
Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State    DVD 940.53 Auschwitz
Australia     DVD Australia
Australia Revealed    DVD 919.4 Australia
Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery         DVD Austin
Austin Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me       DVD Austin
Autism is a World             DVD 618.92 Autism
Autumn in New York             DVD Autumn
Avalon        DVD Avalon
Avanti             DVD Avanti
Avatar        DVD Avatar
The Avengers         DVD Avengers
The Avengers 1965 (4 volumes)        DVD Avengers 65
The Avengers 1966 (4 volumes)        DVD Avengers 66
The Avengers 1967 (4 volumes)        DVD Avengers 67
Avenue Montaigne    French with English subtitles    DVD Avenue
The Aviator        DVD Aviator
AVP        DVD AVP
Awake        DVD Awake
Away from Her         DVD Away
B-29        DVD 623.7 B-Twenty
Babe, Pig in the City        DVD Babe
Babel        DVD Babel
Babette’s Feast    Danish & French with English sub    DVD Babette’s

Baby Geniuses        DVD Baby
Baby Mama        DVD Baby
Baby Sitters Club        DVD Baby Sitters
Back in the U.S.        DVD 781.66 Back
The Back -Up Plan    DVD Back-up
Bad Boy’s    DVD Bad Boys
Ballad of a Soldier    DVD Ballad
Bambi    DVD Bambi
Band of Brothers    DVD 940.54 Band
The Band’s Visit    DVD Band
The Bank Job    DVD Bank
Baraka: A World Beyond Words    DVD 201.77 Baraka
The Barbarian Invasions    DVD Barbarians
The Barkleys of Broadway    DVD Barkleys
Barney’s Version    DVD Barneys
Baron Munchausen    DVD Baron
Bartok the Magnificent    DVD Bartok
Barton Fink         DVD Barton
Baseball    (Ken Burns)    DVD 796.357 Baseball
Basic         DVD Basic
Basic Instinct      DVD Basic
Basic Instinct 2    DVD Basic 2
Batman         DVD Batman
Battle of Britain    DVD Battle
Battle of El Alamein    DVD Battle
Battle of the Bulge         DVD Battle
Battle of the X-Planes    DVD 623.7 Battle
Battlestar Galactica Season One    DVD Battlestar Season 1
Battlestar Galactica Season Two    DVD Battlestar Season 2
Battlestar Galactica Season Three    DVD Battlestar Season 3
BBC Atlas of the Natural World    DVD 508 BBC
The Beach         DVD Beach
Beach Blanket Bingo    DVD Frankie
Beach Party    DVD Frankie
Bear    DVD Bear
Beasts of the Southern Wild    DVD Beasts
The Beatles : the first U.S. visit       DVD 782.42 Beatles
The Beatles Anthology Vol. 1-2      DVD Beatles
The Beatles Anthology Vol  3-4        DVD Beatles
The Beatles Anthology Vol  5-6       DVD Beatles
The Beatles Anthology Vol  7-8      DVD Beatles
The Beatles Anthology  Bonus Materials     DVD Beatles
Beautiful Boy    DVD Beautiful
A Beautiful Mind         DVD Beautiful
Beauty and the Beast    DVD Beauty

Beauty Beneath the Dirt    DVD 796.5 Beauty
Beauty Shop    DVD Beauty
Because of Winn-Dixie    DVD Because
Becket    DVD Becket
Becoming Jane    DVD Becoming
Bedknobs    DVD Bedknobs
Bedknobs and Broomsticks    DVD Bedknobs
Bed of Roses    DVD Bed
Bee Season    DVD Bee
Before the Devil Knows You are Dead    DVD Before
Beginners    DVD Beginners
Beginning Banjo for 5 String Banjo    DVD 787.88 Beginning
Behind Enemy Lines    DVD Behind
Being John Malkovich         DVD Being
Being Julia         DVD Being
Being There    DVD Being
Bella    DVD Bella
Bellflower    DVD Bellflower
Belles On Their Toes      DVD B Gilbreth
Bend it like Beckham    DVD Bend
Bend of the River    DVD Bend
The Alan Bennett Collection    DVD Bennett
Benny and Joon    DVD Benny
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel    DVD Best
Best in Show    DVD Best
The Best of Abbott & Costello Volume 2    DVD Abbott v. 2
Best of Discovery Channel.  Volume 3 Egypts New Tomb Revealed   DVD 932 Discovery Egypt
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 3 I Shouldn’t Be Alive   DVD 613.69 I Shouldn’t
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 3 Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom    DVD 590 Wild
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 3 Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real    DVD 398.24 Dragons
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 3 Dirty Jobs   DVD 331.7 Dirty
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 4 A Panda is Born  DVD 599.74 Panda
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 4 Prehistoric Park    DVD Prehistoric
The Best of Friends. Volume 1         DVD Friends v. 1

The Best of Friends. Volume 2         DVD Friends v. 2
Best of TV Comedy Collection    DVD 792.2 Lucy
The Best of Youth    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Best
A Better Life    DVD Better
Be the Creature.  The Complete First Season    DVD 591 Kratt
Beverly Hallam: Artist as Innovator: part of the Maine Masters Project    DVD 758 Hallam
Beware of Mr. Baker    DVD 782.42 Beware
Bewitched         DVD Bewitched
Beyond Borders    DVD Beyond
Beyond the Call    DVD 372.822 Beyond
Beyond Rangoon    DVD Beyond
Beyond the Sea         DVD Beyond
The Bicycle Thief    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Bicycle
Big         DVD Big
The Big Bounce    DVD Big
Big Daddy    DVD Big Daddy
Big Fish    DVD Big Fish
The Big Hit    DVD Big Hit
The Big Trail    DVD Big
The Big Trees    DVD Big
Bill Cosby, Himself    DVD 792.2 Cosby
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey    DVD Bill and Ted’s
Billy Elliot         DVD Billy
Birthday Girl    DVD Birthday
Biutiful    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Biutiful
Black Adder The Complete Collector’s Set  v.1    DVD Black v.1
Black Christmas    DVD Black
The Black Dahlia    DVD Black
Black Dragon    DVD Black
Black Orpheus    DVD Black
Black Snake Moan    DVD Black
The Black Swan    DVD Black
Blade      DVD Blade
Blade II         DVD Blade II
Blade Runner    DVD Blade
The Blair Witch Project    DVD Blair
Blazing Saddles    DVD Blazing
Bleak House    DVD Bleak
Blind Date    DVD Blind
Blind Horizon    DVD Blind
The Blind Side    DVD Blind
Blood and Chocolate    DVD Blood
Blood and Sand    DVD Blood
Blood Diamond    DVD Blood
Blood Work         DVD Blood

Blossoms in the Dust    DVD Blossoms
The Blue Planet: Seas of Life    DVD 574.92 Blue
Blue Valentine    DVD Blue
Bobby    DVD Bobby
Bobby Z    DVD Bobby
Bon Cop, Bad Cop    DVD Bon Cop
The Bone Collector    DVD Bone
Bon Jovi:  The Crush Tour    DVD782.42 Bon
Bonnie and Clyde    DVD Bonnie
Boogeyman    DVD Boogeyman
The Book of Eli    DVD Book
Borat    DVD Borat
Born Yesterday    DVD Born
Boston Legal. Season Three    DVD Boston S3 D1&2
Boston Legal. Season Three    DVD Boston S3 D3&4
Boston Legal. Season Three    DVD Boston S3 D5&6
Boston Legal. Season Three    DVD Boston S3 D7
Boston Legal. Season Four    DVD Boston S4 D1&2
Boston Legal. Season Four    DVD Boston S4 D3&4
Boston Legal. Season Four    DVD Boston S4 D5
Bothersome Man    DVD Bothersome
Bounce    DVD Bounce
Bound for Glory    DVD Bound
The Bounty      DVD Bounty
The Bourne Identity    DVD Bourne
The Bourne Supremacy         DVD Bourne
The Bourne Ultimatum    DVD Bourne
Bowfinger         DVD Bowfinger
Bowling for Columbine         DVD 363.3 Bowling
Boxcar Bertha    DVD Boxcar
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas    DVD Boy
The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story    DVD 781.5 Boys
Brain Games    DVD 612.82 Brain
Brave     DVD Brave
The Brave One    DVD Brave
Braveheart    DVD Braveheart
Brazil Revealed    DVD 918.1 Brazil
Breach    DVD Breach
Breakdown    DVD Breakdown
Breaking Away         DVD Breaking
Breaking Bad    DVD Breaking S 5
The Break-Up    DVD Break-Up
The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Fitness    DVD 616.99 Breast
Bride Wars    DVD Bride
The Bridge at Remagen    DVD Bridge
The Bridge on the River Kwai    DVD Bridge
Bridge to Terabithia    DVD Bridge
Bridget Jones’s Diary         DVD Bridget
Brief Encounter    DVD Brief
Bright Star    DVD Bright

Bright Young Things    DVD Bright
Bringing Up Baby    DVD Bringing
British War Collection    DVD British
Broadway:  The American Musical    DVD 782.14 Kantor
Brokeback Mountain         DVD Brokeback
Broken Arrow    DVD Broken
Broken Embraces    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Broken
Brooklyn Bridge    DVD 624.5 Brooklyn
Brothers Grimm    DVD Brothers
Bruce Almighty         DVD Bruce
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band : Live in New York City      DVD 789.4 Bruce
The Bucket List    DVD Bucket
A Bug’s Life    DVD Bugs
Building a Resilient Coast    DVD 363.7 Building
The Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha    DVD 294.3 Buddha
Bully    DVD 371.7 Bully
Bulworth         DVD Bulworth
Burlesque    DVD Burlesque
Burn After Reading    DVD Burn
Burn Notice    DVD Burn S 6
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee    DVD Bury
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid         DVD Butch
Butterfield 8         DVD Butterfield
Butterflies are Free    DVD Butterflies
The Butterfly Effect    DVD Butterfly
Bye Bye Birdie         DVD Bye
C.R.A.Z.Y.         DVD Crazy
Caddyshack    DVD Caddy
Cadillac Records    DVD Cadillac
Camelot    DVD Camelot
Camp Rock    DVD Camp Rock
Capote    DVD Capote
Caprica    DVD Caprica
Captain America: The First Avenger    DVD Captain
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin    DVD Captain
Capturing the Friedmans         DVD 364.1 Capturing
Caramel    DVD Caramel
The Cardinal         DVD Cardinal
Carlito’s Way    DVD Carlitos
Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power    DVD Carlito’s
Carmen    DVD 782 Carmen
Cars    DVD Cars
Cars 2    DVD Cars 2
Cary Grant    DVD Grant
Cary Grant Box Set    DVD Grant
Carousel    DVD Carousel

Carry On Laughing : the complete series  Vol. 1     DVD Carry
Carry On Laughing : the complete series  Vol. 2     DVD Carry
Cars    DVD Cars
Cars 2    DVD Cars 2
Cartoon Craze:  Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur    DVD Daffy
Casablanca         DVD Casablanca
Casanova    DVD Casanova
Casino    DVD Casino
Casino Jack    DVD Casino
Casino Royale         DVD Casino
Cast a Long Shadow    DVD Cast
Castaway         DVD Cast
Castle Keep    DVD Castle
A Cat In Paris    DVD Cat
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof    DVD Cat
Catch Me If You Can        DVD Catch
Cats & Dogs    DVD Cats
Cave of Forgotten Dreams    DVD 759.01 Cave
Cellular    DVD Cellular
Celtic    DVD 782.1 Celtic
Ce qu’il faut pour vivre=The Necessities of French with English subtitles    DVD Necessities
C’est pas moi, je le jure!=It’s not me, I swear French with English subtitles    DVD C’est
Chain Reaction    DVD Chain
Changeling: A True Story    DVD Changeling
Changing Lanes         DVD Changing
Chaos    DVD Chaos
Charade    DVD Charade
The Charge of the Light Brigade    DVD Charge
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    DVD Charlie
A Charlie Brown Christmas    DVD Charlie
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving    DVD Charlie
Charlie’s Angels         DVD Charlie’s
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle    DVD Charlie’s
Charlie Chan in Egypt    DVD Charlie Egypt
Charlie Chan in London    DVD Charlie London
Charlie Chan in Paris    DVD Charlie Paris
Charlie Chan in Shanghai    DVD Charlie Shanghai
Charlie Chaplin Collection:  City Lights    DVD City Lights
Charlie Chaplin Collection:  The Gold Rush    DVD Gold
Charlie Chaplin Collection: The Great Dictator    DVD Great
Charlie Chaplin Collection:  Modern Times    DVD Modern
Charlie Wilson’s War    DVD Charlie
Charlotte Gray         DVD Charlotte
The Cheap Detective         DVD Cheap
Cheaper by the Dozen         DVD Cheaper
Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams    DVD Cheech
Cheers.  Season 3    DVD Cheers

Chestnut, Hero of Central Park    DVD Chestnut
Chicago:  A City of the Century    DVD 977.3 Chicago
Chicken Run         DVD Chicken
Chico & Rita    DVD Chico
Children of a Lesser God    DVD Children
Children of Men    DVD Children
Chimpanzee    DVD 599.88 Chimpanzee
China Revealed    DVD 915.1 China
Chinatown         DVD Chinatown
The Chosen    DVD Chosen
A Christmas Carol (1951, Alastair Sim)    DVD Christmas
A Christimas Carol (1984, George C. Scott)    DVD Christmas
Christmas with the Kranks    DVD Christmas
The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe        DVD Chronicles (Lion)
The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian    DVD Chronicles (Prince)
Churchhill    DVD B Churchhill
The Cider House Rules         DVD Cider
Cinderella Man    DVD CInderella
A Cinderella Story     DVD Cinderella
Citizen Kane         DVD Citizen
Cinema Paradiso         Italian with English subtitles    DVD Cinema
Circle of Friends    DVD Circle
Cirque du Freak    DVD Vampires
City of Angels         DVD City
City of God    DVD City
City Lights    DVD City Lights
City Slickers         DVD City
Civilian Conservation Corps    DVD 333.72 Civilian
Civil War Battlefields    DVD 973.7 Civil V.1
Civil War Battlefields    DVD 973.7 Civil V.2
Civil War: A Living History    DVD 973.7 American
The Civil War Discs 1-5    DVD 973.7 Civil War Disc 1-5
The Class    DVD Class
Cleaner    DVD Cleaner
Cliffhanger    DVD Cliffhanger
The Client         DVD Client
Client 9    DVD Client
Clint Eastwood: American Icon Collection (Misty, Coogan, Beguiled, Eiger)    DVD Play
Clockstoppers    DVD Clockstoppers
Clockwork Orange    DVD Clockwork

Close Encounters of the Third Kind         DVD Close
Closely Watched Trains    Czech with English subtitles    DVD Closely
Closer    DVD Closer
Cloud Atlas    DVD Cloud
Cloudstreet    DVD Cloudstreet
Cloverfield    DVD Cloverfield
Coach Carter    DVD Coach
Coco before Chanel    French with English subtitles    DVD Coco
Coco Chanel    DVD Coco
Cocoon         DVD Cocoon
Cold Creek Manor    DVD Cold
Colditz    DVD Colditz
Collateral         DVD Collateral
The Color of Money    DVD Color
The Color of Paradise    Persian with English subtitles    DVD Color
The Color Purple    DVD Color
The Comedians    DVD Comedians
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 1 & 2
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 3 & 4
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 5 & 6
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 7 & 8
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 9 & 10
Comedy Kings     DVD Comedy D 11 & 12
Coming Home    DVD Coming
The Commander. Set 1    DVD Commander Set 1
The Commander. Set 2    DVD Commander Set 2
Complaint Free Living    DVD 158.1 Complaint
The Condemned    DVD Condemned
Confidence    DVD Confidence
Congress    DVD 328.73 Congress
The Constant Gardener         DVD Constant
Constantine    DVD Constantin

Contact         DVD Contact
Contagion    DVD Contagion
The Contract    DVD Contract
A Conversation on the Constitution : Judicial Independence       DVD 342.73 Conversation
Conviction    DVD Conviction
The Cooler    DVD Cooler
Cool Dog    DVD Cool
Cool Hand Luke         DVD Cool
Cop Dog    DVD Cop
Coraline    DVD Coraline
Coral Reef Adventure    DVD 574.5 Coral Reef
The Core    DVD Core
The Corporation    DVD 338.74 Corporation
The Cosby Show. Season 1    DVD Cosby S 1
The Cosby Show. Season 2    DVD Cosby S 2
Count Dracula    DVD Count
Counterfeit Traitor    DVD Counterfeit
Counterfeiters    DVD Counterfeiters
Country Boys    DVD Country
Courageous    DVD Courageous
The Cove    DVD 599.93 Cove
The Covenant    DVD Covenant
Cowboys & Aliens    DVD Cowboys
Crank 2: high voltage    DVD Crank
Crash         DVD Crash
The Crash of 1929    DVD 332.64 Crash
Crazy Heart    DVD Crazy
Crazy Eights    DVD Crazy
Creative Core Abs    DVD 613.7 Creative
Creepshow    DVD Creepshow
Criminal Minds.  Season 2    DVD Criminal S 2
Criminal Minds.  Season 3    DVD Criminal S 3
Criminal Minds. Season 4    DVD Ciminal S 4
Criminal Minds.  Season 5    DVD Criminal S 5
The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingo    DVD 598.3 Crimson
Crocodile Dundee         DVD Crocodile
Crocodile Dundee II         DVD Crocodile 2
The Croods    DVD Croods
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon    Mandarin   DVD Crouching
Cruel Intentions    DVD Cruel
The Crusades : Crescent & the Cross       DVD 909.07  Crusades
CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation.  The complete first season    DVD CSI Season 1
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button    DVD Curious
Curse of the Golden Flower    DVD Curse
Curse of the Pink Panther    DVD Pink Curse
The Cutting Edge    DVD Cutting

Czlowiek z Marmuru  (Man of Marble)    Polish w/ English subtitles   DVD Man
Daddy Long Legs    DVD Daddy
The Damned Don’t Cry!         DVD Damned
Damn Yankees    DVD Damn
Dan in Real Life    DVD Dan
Dance off the inches    DVD 613.7 Dance
Dance with a Stranger    DVD Dance
Dances with Wolves    DVD Dances
Dancing at Lughnasa    DVD Dancing
Dangerous Liaisons         DVD Dangerous
La Danse    French with English subtitles    DVD 792.8 Danse
Dante’s Peak    DVD Dantes
Daris Goes West: the Roll of His Life    DVD 616.748 Darius
The Darjeeling Limited    DVD Darjeeling
Dark City    DVD Dark
The Dark Crystal         DVD Dark
The Dark Knight    DVD Dark
Dark Matter, Dark Energy    DVD 523.1 Dark
Dark Passage         DVD Dark
Dark Ride    DVD Dark
Dark Victory      DVD Dark
Dark Water    DVD Dark
Das Boot    German with English subtitles    DVD Das Boot
Daughters of Afghanistan      DVD 958.104 Daughters
Dave         DVD Dave
David and Goliath    DVD David
David Leadbetter Gold Instruction. From Beginner to Winner    DVD 796.352 David
David’s Mother    DVD David’s
The Da Vinci Code    DVD DaVinci
Dawn of the Dead    DVD Dawn
The Day After Tomorrow    DVD Day
A Day in October    DVD Day

Day One    DVD Day
The Day the Earth Stood Still     DVD Day
Days of Glory    DVD Days
Days of Thunder    DVD Days
Dazed and Confused    DVD Dazed
The Dead    DVD Dead
Deadly Drifter    DVD Deadly
The Dead Pool    DVD Dead
Dead Man’s Bounty    DVD Dead
Deadwood. The Complete Second Season    DVD Deadwood
The Dead Zone Season 3    DVD Dead Season 3
The Dead Zone Season 4    DVD Dead Season 4
The Deal    DVD Deal
Dean Koontz’s Phantoms    DVD Phantoms
Death and the Civil War    DVD 973.7 Death
Death at a Funeral    DVD Death
Death In Holy Orders    DVD Death
The Deaths of Ian Stone    DVD Deaths
Death of Mr. Lazarescu    Romanian w/ English subtitles  DVD Death
Death on the Nile    DVD Death
The Debt    DVD Debt
Deck the Halls    DVD Deck
Deep Water    DVD Deep
The Deer Hunter         DVD Deer
Defiance    DVD Defiance
The Defiant Ones    DVD Defiant
Definitely, Maybe    DVD Definitely
Deja vu    DVD Deja
Deliverance    DVD Deliverance
De-Lovely    DVD De-Lovely
Delta Force    DVD Delta
Denise Austin Fat-Burning Dance Mix    DVD 613.7 Denise
Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy    DVD 618.2 Denise
The Departed    DVD Departed
Departures    DVD Departures
Derailed    DVD Derailed
The Descendants    DVD Descendants

Devil      DVD Devil
Devil’s Advocate         DVD Devils
The Devil’s Arithmetic    DVD Devils
The Devil’s Own         DVD Devils
The Devil Wears Prada    DVD Devil
Dial M for Murder         DVD Dial
Diamonds Are Forever         DVD Diamonds
The Diary of Anne Frank    DVD Diary
Die Another Day         DVD Die
Die Zauberflote    DVD 782.1 Zauberflote
Dinner with Friends    DVD Dinner
Dinosaur Planet    DVD 567.9 Dinosaur
Dirt! The Movie    DVD 631.4 Dirt
Dirty Dozen    DVD Dirty
Dirty Harry    DVD Dirty
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels    DVD Dirty
Disney’s A Christmas Carol    DVD Christmas
District 9    DVD District
Disturbia    DVD Disturbia
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood    DVD Divine
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly    DVD Diving
Division Street    DVD Division
Django Unchained    DVD Django
Doctor Zhivago         DVD Doctor
Dogtooth    DVD Dogtooth
Dogville    DVD Dogville
Doll Face    DVD Doll
The Dolly Sisters    DVD Dolly
Dolphins in Danger; & Survival of the Yellowstone wolves      DVD 333.96 Dolphins
Domestic Abuse in our Neighborhood  DVD 362.82 Domestic Abuse
Domino       DVD Domino
Don Juan de Marco    DVD Don Juan
Don Knotts : reluctant hero pack    DVD Don
Donnie Brasco    DVD Donnie
Doom    DVD Doom
The Doors      DVD 784.54 Doors
Double Jeopardy    DVD Double
Doubt    DVD Doubt
Down Argentine Way    DVD Down
Downton Abbey.  Season 1    DVD Downton S 1
Downton Abbey.  Season 2    DVD Downton S 2

Downton Abbey. Season 3    DVD Downton S 3
Down With Love    DVD Down
Dragonfly    DVD Dragonfly
Dr. No         DVD Dr. No
Dr. Strangelove    DVD Dr. Strangelove
Dracula : the legacy collection       DVD Dracula
Drag Me to Hell    DVD Drag
Dragonheart    DVD Dragonheart
Dreamcatcher         DVD Dreamcatcher
Dreamgirls    DVD Dreamgirls
Drive Angry    DVD Drive
Driven    DVD Driven
Driving Lessons    DVD Driving
Driving Miss Daisy         DVD Driving
Tex Avery’s Droopy. Complete Theatrical Collection  DVD Droopy
The Duchess    DVD Duchess
Drug Wars    DVD Drug
The Duchess of Duke Street    DVD Duchess
Duck Tales. Vol. 1 Disc 1    DVD Disney Duck V.1D1
Duck Tales. Vol. 1. Disc 2    DVD Disney Duck V.1D2
Duck Tales. Vol. 1. Disc 3    DVD Disney Duck V.1D3
Dudley Do-right         DVD Dudley
Duel         DVD Duel
The Dukes of Hazzard    DVD Dukes
Dumb and Dumber    DVD Dumb
Dungeons & Dragons    DVD Dungeons
Duplicity    DVD Duplicity
Earth    DVD 590 Earth
East of Eden         DVD East
Eastern Promises    DVD Eastern
Easy Living    DVD Easy
Easy Rider    DVD Easy

The Edge    DVD Edge
Edmond    DVD Edmond
An Education    DVD An Education
Edward Scissorhands    DVD Edward
Eight Below    DVD Eight
Einstein’s Big Idea      DVD 530.092 Einstein’s
The Eligible Bachelor         DVD Sherlock Eligible
Elizabeth    DVD Elizabeth
Elizabeth R    DVD Elizabeth R
Elizabeth, the Golden Age    DVD Elizabeth
Elizabethtown    DVD Elizabethtown
Ella Enchanted    DVD Ella
Elvis    DVD Elvis
Emma         DVD Emma
The Emperor’s Club         DVD Emperor’s
Empire Falls         DVD Empire
Empire of the Air    DVD 621.3 Empire
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain   DVD Englishman
Enchanted    DVD Enchanted
Encounter Point    DVD 956.05 Encounter
Encounters At the End of the World    DVD Encounters
Endless Night    DVD Endless
End of Days         DVD End
The End of Poverty?    DVD 362.5 End
The End of the Affair    DVD End
Enemy at the Gates    DVD Enemy
The Enforcer    DVD Enforcer
Enigma of Kasper Hauser  German w/ English subtitles DVD Enigma
Enough    DVD Enough
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room    DVD 333.79 Enron
Enter the Dragon    DVD Enter

Entrapment    DVD Entrapment
Epic    DVD Epic
Eragon    DVD Eragon
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial    DVD E.T. 3 DVDS
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind    DVD Eternal
Europa, Europa    German with English subtitles    DVD Europa
Evan Almighty    DVD Evan
Evening    DVD Evening
Ever After    DVD Ever
Everlasting Moments    DVD Everlasting
Everybody Loves Raymond season 7    DVD Everybody S 7
Everybody Loves Raymond  season 6    DVD Everybody S 6
Everybody’s Fine    DVD Everybody’s
Everything for Sale    DVD Everything
Evil Under the Sun    DVD Evil
Evita         DVD Evita
Evolution  Vol. 1    DVD 575 Evolution
Evolution  Vol. 2    DVD 575 Evolution
Evolution  Vol. 3    DVD 575 Evolution
Exit Through the Gift Shop    DVD Exit
The Exorcism of Emily Rose         DVD Exorcism
The Exorcist    DVD Exorcist
Experience Portland Past    DVD 974.194 Portland
Expiration Date    DVD Expiration
Extraordinary Measures    DVD Extraordinary
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close    DVD Extremely
Eye Wide Shut    DVD Eyes
Eye See You         DVD Eye
Facing the Giants    DVD Facing
Fahrenheit 911      DVD 973.931 Fahrenheit
Failure To Launch    DVD Failure
Fairy Tale: A True Story    DVD Fairy Tale
Faith Rewarded : the historic season of the 2004 Boston Red Sox   DVD 796.357 Faith
Fallen             DVD Fallen
Fallen Angel        DVD Fallen

The Fallen Idol        DVD Fallen
Fame        DVD Fame
Family Classics        DVD Family
A Family of Cops III        DVD Family
The Family Man        DVD Family
The Family Stone        DVD Family
Fantasia             DVD Fantasia
Fantasia 2000          DVD Fantasia
Fantastic 4             DVD Fantastic 4
Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer        DVD Fantastic 4 Rise
Fantastic Mr. Fox        DVD Fantastic
Far and Away        DVD Far
Far Country        DVD Far
A Farewell to Arms        DVD Farewell
Far From Heaven             DVD Far
Fargo        DVD Fargo
Fast Five        DVD Fast
Fast Times at Ridgemont High        DVD Fast
Fat Albert        DVD Fat
Fatal Assassin        DVD Fatal
Fatal Rescue        DVD Fatal
Father of the Bride             DVD Father
Father Brown        DVD Father S 1
Fear        DVD Fear
Feast of Love        DVD Feast
Fellini’s Satyricon         Italian with English subtitles    DVD Satyricon
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off        DVD Ferris
Fever Pitch        DVD Fever
A Few Good Men        DVD Few
Fiddler on the Roof             DVD Fiddler
The Fifth Element        DVD Fifth
The Fighter        DVD Fighter

Fighting Caravans; Meet John Doe; A Farewell to Arms   DVD Fighting
The Final Inch    DVD 615 Final
Finding Forrester         DVD Finding
Finding Neverland         DVD Finding
Fireball 500    DVD Frankie
Firehouse Dog    DVD Firehouse
Fires on the Plain    DVD Fires
Firestarter    DVD Firestarter
Firewall    DVD Firewall
First Blood    DVD First Blood
First Knight    DVD First Blood
The First Wives Club    DVD First
Fistful of Dollars    DVD Fistful
Fists in the Pocket    DVD Fists
Flags of Our Fathers    DVD Flags
Flashdance    DVD Flashdance
Flatliners    DVD Flatliners
Flawless    DVD Flawless
Flight    DVD Flight
Flight of Fury    DVD Flight
Flightplan    DVD Flightplan
The Flintstones Season 1    DVD Flintstones S 1
The Flintstones Season 2    DVD Flintstones S 2
Flipped    DVD Flipped
Flipper    DVD Flipper
Flip Wilson Show    DVD Flip
Floating Weeds    DVD Floating
Fly Away Home    DVD Fly Away
The Flying Deuces      DVD Fic Flying
The Fog    DVD Fog
The Fog of War    DVD 973.92 Fog
Follow the Fleet    DVD Follow
Food, Inc.    DVD 338.19 Food
Fool’s Gold    DVD Fool’s
Fools Rush In    DVD Fools
Forbidden Games    DVD Forbidden
For a Few Dollars More    DVD For a
Foreign Correspondent    DVD Foreign
Forks over Knives    DVD 613.2 Forks
For Love of the Game    DVD For Love
Forces of Nature    DVD Forces
The Forest for the Trees    DVD Forest
The Forgotten    DVD Forgotten
Forgotten Genius    DVD B Julian, P
Forrest Gump    DVD Forrest
The Fortune Cookie         DVD Fortune
Fort Apache    DVD Fort

The Fountain    DVD Fountain
Four Christmases    DVD Four
The Four Feathers    DVD Four
Four Minutes    DVD Four
The Four Seasons    DVD 785 Vivaldi
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days    DVD Four
The 400 Blows    DVD 400 Blows
Foyle’s War. Set 1  The German Woman    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 1  The White Feather      DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 1  A Lesson in Murder    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 1  Eagle Day    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 2 Fifty Ships    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 2 Among the Few    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 2 War Games    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 2 The Funk Hole    DVD Foyles
Foyle’s War. Set 3     DVD Foyles Enemy
Foyle’s War. Set 3     DVD Foyles v.3 They
Foyle’s War Set 3    DVD Foyles v.1 French
Foyle’s War Set 3    DVD Foyles v.4 War
Fracture    DVD Fracture
Fragments    DVD Fragments
Frailty    DVD Frailty
Frank Capra’s American Dream    DVD Frank
Frank Capra’s Arsenic and Old Lace    DVD Arsenic
Frankenstein : the legacy collection       DVD Frankenstein
Frankenweenie    DVD Frankenweenie
Frank Lloyd Wright    DVD 720.92 Wright
Frantic         DVD Frantic
Freakonomics    DVD 330 Freakonomics
Freaky Friday         DVD Freaky
Freedomland    DVD Freedomland
The French Connection    DVD French
French Kiss         DVD French
Frequency    DVD Frequency
Freshman    DVD Freshman
Frida    DVD Frida
Fried Green Tomatoes         DVD Fried
Friends With Money     DVD Friends
From Hell    DVD From
From Paris with Love    DVD From
From Russia With Love         DVD From
From the Earth to the Moon    DVD 629.45 From Disc 1
From the Earth to the Moon    DVD 629.45 From Disc 2
From the Earth to the Moon    DVD 629.45 From Disc 3
From the Earth to the Moon    DVD 629.45 From Disc 4
From the Earth to the Moon    DVD 629.45 From Disc 5
The Front Line    DVD 951.9 Front

Frost/Nixon    DVD Frost
Frozen River    DVD Frozen
F Troop    DVD F Troop
The Fugitive    DVD Fugitive
Fuel    DVD 338.27 Fuel
Full Metal Alchemist. Season 1    DVD FullMetal (S1 P1)
Full Metal Alchemist. Season 1    DVD FullMetal (S1 P2)
Full Metal Jacket    DVD Full
The Full Monty         DVD Full
Funniest Moments of the Century    DVD Funniest
Funny Face    DVD Funny
Funny Farm    DVD Funny
Funny People    DVD Funny
Fun with Dick and Jane    DVD Fun
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus    DVD Fur
G.I. Jane         DVD G.I. Jane
Galaxy Quest    DVD Galaxy
Gallipoli    DVD Gallipoli
The Game         DVD Game
Game 6    DVD Game 6
The Gangs All Here    DVD Gang’s
The Gangs of New York    DVD Gangs
Garden State    DVD Garden
Garfield: the Movie    DVD Garfield
Garrow’s Law. Series 1    DVD Garrows S 1
Garrow’s Law. Series 2    DVD Garrows S 2
Garrow’s Law Series 3    DVD Garrows S 3
Gas Land    DVD 622.18 Gas Land
The Gathering    DVD Gathering
Gattaca         DVD Gattaca
The General’s Daughter         DVD General’s
Generation    DVD Generation
Generation Kill    DVD 956.7 Generation
Gentleman’s Agreement         DVD Gentleman’s
George Gently. Series 5    DVD George S 5
The Getaway    DVD Getaway
Get Low    DVD Get
Get Shorty      DVD Get Shorty
Get Smart    DVD Get Smart
Gettysburg    DVD Gettysburg
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha    DVD Ghost
Ghostbusters 2         DVD Ghostbusters 2
Ghost Rider    DVD Ghost
The Ghost Writer    DVD Ghost
Giant         DVD Giant
The Gift    DVD Gift
Gigi         DVD Gigi

The Gingerbread Man    DVD Gingerbread
The Girl in the Café    DVD Girl
The Girl Next Door    DVD Girl
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest    DVD Girl
The Girl Who Played with Fire    DVD Girl
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo    DVD Girl
Girl with a Pearl Earring         DVD Girl
Girl, Interrupted         DVD Girl
Gladiator         DVD Gladiator
The Glass House    DVD Glass
The Glenn Miller Story    DVD Glenn
Glory    DVD Glory
Goal!  The Dream Begins    DVD Goal
The Godfather         DVD Godfather
The Godfather Part II         DVD Godfather II
The Godfather Part III         DVD Godfather III
Godspell         DVD Godspell
Gods and Generals    DVD Gods
The Gods Must Be Crazy    DVD Gods
Godsend    DVD Godsend
Going the Distance    DVD Going
Going Upriver: the long war of John Kerry      DVD B Kerry, J
The Golden Child    DVD Golden
GoldenEye         DVD GoldenEye
Goldfinger         DVD Goldfinger
The Gold Rush    DVD Gold Rush
Gone Baby Gone    DVD Gone
Gone with the Wind         DVD Gone
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly    DVD Good
GoodFellas    DVD GoodFellas
The Good German    DVD Good
Good night, and good luck         DVD Good
The Good Shepard    DVD Good
Good Will Hunting         DVD Good
Gosford Park         DVD Gosford
The Gospel    DVD Gospel
Gothika    DVD Gothika
Goya’s Ghosts    DVD Goyas
Grace of My Heart         DVD Grace
The Graduate         DVD Graduate
The Grand    DVD Grand
Grand Illusion    DVD Grand
Gran Torino    DVD Gran
The Grapes of Wrath    DVD Grapes
The Gravedancers    DVD Gravedancers
Gray Matters    DVD Gray
The Great American Western Vol 14    DVD Great

The Great American Western Vol 24    DVD Great
The Great Debaters    DVD Great
The Great Dictator    DVD Great
The Great Escape         DVD Great
The Greatest Story Every Told    DVD Greatest
Great Expectations    DVD Great
The Great Guy    DVD Great
The Great Locomotive Chase    DVD Great
Great Planes!  Boeing 747 & 777    DVD 629.13 Great
Green for Danger    DVD Green
The Green Hornet    DVD Green
Green Lantern    DVD Green
Green Legend    DVD Green
The Green Mile         DVD Green
Greenwich Village    DVD Greenwich
Gregory’s Girl    DVD Gregory’s
Grey’s Anatomy Season 1    DVD Grey’s Anatomy
Grizzly Man    DVD 599.78 Grizzly
Groundhog Day    DVD Groundhog
Grumpy Old Men    DVD Grumpy
Guardian    DVD Guardian
Guilty    DVD Guilty
The Guilt Trip    DVD Guilt
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral    DVD Gunfight
Gunfighter’s Moon    DVD Gunfighters
Hachi    DVD Hachi
Hairspray 1988    DVD Hairspray
Hairspray 2007    DVD Hairspray
Half a Sixpence    DVD Half
Half Nelson    DVD Half
Halloween    DVD Halloween
Hamburger Hill    DVD Hamburger
The Hamiltons    DVD Hamiltons
Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh director)    DVD Hamlet
Hang ’em High    DVD Hanging
Hanging Up         DVD Hanging
Hangover    DVD Hangover
Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus    DVD Hannah
Hannibal    DVD Hannibal
The Happiness Prescription: The Secret to Experiencing a Joyful Life    DVD 152.4 Happiness
Happy Feet    DVD Happy
Happy Feet Two    DVD Happy
Happy Go Lucky    DVD Happy
A Hard Day’s Night         DVD Hard
Hard Times    DVD Hard Times
Hardy Boys Season 1    DVD Hardy Boys S 1
Harold and Maude         DVD Harold

Harry and the Hendersons    DVD Harry
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1    DVD Harry (Deathly Hallows) Pt
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2    DVD Harry (Deathly Hallows) Pt
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix    DVD Harry (Order)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban    DVD Harry (Prisoner)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone    DVD Harry Sorcerer’s
Harsh Times    DVD Harsh
Hart’s War    DVD Hart’s
The Haunted Airman    DVD Haunted
The Haunting    DVD Haunting
The Haunting in Connecticut    DVD Haunting
The Haunting of Molly Hartley    DVD Haunting
Havana    DVD Havan
Haxan    DVD Haxan
Headhunters    DVD Headhunters
The Heartbreak Kid    DVD Heartbreak
Hearts in Atlantis         DVD Hearts
Heathers    DVD Heathers
Heavens Door    DVD Heaven’s
The Hee Haw Collection         DVD Hee
The Heiress    DVD Heiress
Heist    DVD Heist
Hell and Back Again    DVD Hell
Hellboy         DVD Hellboy
Hello, Dolly!    DVD Hello
Hellraiser    DVD Hellraiser
The Help    DVD Help
Help!         DVD Help
Herbie Full Loaded    DVD Herbie
Her Majesty    DVD Her Majesty
Hero    DVD Hero
Heroes Season 1    DVD Heroes 1
Heroes Season 2    DVD Heroes 2
He’s Just Not That Into You    DVD He’s Just
Hidalgo    DVD Hidalgo
Hidden Epidemic    DVD 616.1 Hidden
The Hidden Face of Homelessness    DVD 362.5 Hidden
Hidden Places    DVD Hidden
Hide and Seek    DVD Hide
High Anxiety    DVD High
Highlander : 10th anniversary director’s cut       DVD Highlander
High Noon    DVD High
High Risk    DVD High
High School Musical    DVD High
High School Musical 3 Senior Year    DVD High
Hiroshima: Why the Bomb Was Dropped    DVD 940.54 Hiroshima
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 2

The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 1
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 10
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 3
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 4
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 5
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 6
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 7
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 8
The History Channel Ultimate Collections WW II    DVD 940.54 History v. 9
A History of Violence    DVD History
Hitchcock    DVD Hitchcock
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy         DVD Hitchhikers
Hitman    DVD Hitman
The Hobbit    DVD Hobbit
Hocus Pocus    DVD Hocus
Holiday     DVD Holiday
Holiday 4 Film Collector’s Set    DVD Holiday
Holiday Romance    DVD Holiday
Hollow Man    DVD Hollow
Hollow Man 2    DVD Hollow
Hollywood Homicide    DVD Hollywood
Hollywoodland    DVD Hollywoodland
The Homecoming    DVD Homecoming
Homeward Bound 2    DVD Homeward
Honeymooners Holiday Classics    DVD Honeymooners
Hoodwinked    DVD Hoodwinked
Hook         DVD Hook
Horrible Bosses    DVD Horrible
Horror Collector’s Set: 4 Films    DVD Horror
Hoosiers    DVD Hoosiers
Hoot    DVD Hoot
Hop    DVD Hop
Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip    DVD 629.28 Horatio’s
The Horseman on the Roof  = Le hussard sur le toit    DVD Horseman
The Horse Whisperer    DVD Horse
Hostage         DVD Hostage
Hostel    DVD Hostel
Hostel Part II    DVD Hostel 2
The Hot Chick    DVD Hot
Hot Rod    DVD Hot
Hotel for Dogs    DVD Hotel
Hotel Rwanda    DVD Hotel
Hotel Transylvania    DVD Hotel
The Hound of the Baskervilles    DVD Hound
The Hour 2    DVD Hour 2
The Hours         DVD Hours
The House I Live In    DVD 363.45 House

Houseboat    DVD Houseboat
House of Flying Daggers         DVD House
The House of the Dead    DVD House
House M.D. Season 1    DVD House S 1
House of Cards    DVD House
Housewife, 49    DVD Housewife
House Without a Christmas Tree    DVD House
How Do You Know    DVD How
How to Survive a Plague    DVD 362.19 How
Howl    DVD Howl
How the Earth was made    DVD 551.7 How
How the Grinch Stole Christmas    DVD How
How the West Was Won    DVD How
How to Lose a Guy in 10 days    DVD How To
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People    DVD How to Lose
How to Survive a Plague    DVD 362.19 How
How to Train Your Dragon    DVD How
Hubble    DVD 522.2 Hubble
Hugh Long    DVD B Long, H
Hugo    DVD Hugo
Human Body    DVD 612 Human
The Human Stain    DVD Human
Human Trafficking    DVD Human
Humoresque         DVD Humoresque
The Hunchback of Notre Dame    DVD Hunchback
The Hunger Games    DVD Hunger
The Hurt Locker    DVD Hurt
The Hustler    DVD Hustler
Hyde Park on Hudson    DVD Hyde
I am Love    DVD I Am Love
I am Legend    DVD I Am
I am Sam : love is all you need       DVD I Am
I can read! an introduction to early reading skills through sign language    DVD 401.93 Olsen
I capture the castle         DVD I Capture
Ice Age    DVD Ice
Ice Age: Continental Drift    DVD Ice (Continental)
Ice Age. Dawn of the Dinosaurs    DVD Ice Age (Dawn)
The Ice Harvest    DVD Ice Harvest
An Ideal Husband    DVD Ideal
Iditarod 2007: As Tough As They Come    DVD 798 Iditarod
If a Tree Falls    DVD 363.325 If a Tree
If I’m Lucky    DVD If I’m
I Have Tourette’sbut Tourette’s Doesn’t Me    DVD Tourette’s
Ikiru    Japanese with English subtitles    DVD Ikiru
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry    DVD I Now
I Love Lucy Season 6    DVD I Love Season 6
Il Postino   (The Postman)  Italian w/ English subtitles  DVD Postman

Imagine, John Lennon    DVD Imagine
The Illusionist    DVD Illusionist
Imitation of Life    DVD Imitation
Immortal Beloved         DVD Immortal
The Importance of Being Earnest    DVD Importance
Impossible to Forget: the Story of the ’67 Boston Red Sox    DVD 796.357 Impossible
Impromptu    DVD Impromptu
I’m Telling You For the Last Time    DVD 792.7 Seinfeld
In America    DVD In America
In Bruges    DVD In Bruges
In a Better World    DVD In a Better
Incanto: the Documentary    DVD 782.1 Bocelli
Incendies    DVD Incendies
In Cold Blood    DVD In Cold
In Good Company    DVD In Good
An Inconvenient Truth    DVD 363.738 Gore
The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant    DVD Incredible
The Incredibles    DVD Incredibles
The Incredible Hulk    DVD Incredible
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull   DVD Indiana Kingdom
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark    DVD Indiana Raiders
Inglorious Bastards    DVD Inglorious
Inherit the Wind    DVD Inherit
In Her Shoes    DVD In Her
Inland Empire    DVD Inland
Inlaws & Outlaws    DVD 306.8 Inlaws
In Love and War    DVD In Love
Insidious    DVD Insidious
In the Bedroom         DVD In
In the Heat of the Night    DVD In the Heat
In the Land of Women    DVD In the Land
In the Line of Fire    DVD In the Line
In the Name of the King    DVD In the Name
In the Valley of Elah     DVD In the Valley
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness         DVD Inn
The Innocent Sleep    DVD Innocent
Inside Job    DVD338.5 Inside
Inside Man    DVD Inside
Inside Nature’s Giants. Sperm Whale    DVD 599.5 Sperm
Inside the Vatican         DVD 945.6 Inside
Insomnia         DVD Insomnia
The Inspector General    DVD Inspector
Inspector Lewis Series 3    DVD Inspector Series 3
Intermission    DVD Intermission
The International    DVD International
The Interpreter         DVD Interpreter
Interstate 60     DVD Interstate

Interview with the Vampire    DVD Interview
Into the Blue    DVD Into
Into the Cold    DVD 919.89 Into
Into the Wild    DVD Into
Intolerable Cruelty    DVD Intolerable
An Introduction to Scientology    DVD 299.936 Introduction
The Invasion    DVD Invasion
Invasion of the Body Snatchers    DVD Invasion
Invictus    DVD Invictus
Invincible    DVD Invincible
The Invisible Man: The Legacy Collection    DVD Invisible
The Invisible War    DVD 355 Invisible
I.Q.    DVD IQ
Irma la Douce         DVD Irma
I, Robot    DVD I, Robot
Iron Giant    DVD Iron
The Iron Lady    DVD Iron
Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World    DVD 709.1 Islamic
Islamic Art Spots    DVD 709.17 Islamic
The Island         DVD Island
Islander    DVD Islander
I-Spy    DVD I-Spy
The Italian      DVD Italian
The Italian Job         DVD Italian
Italy.  Northern Style    DVD 914.5 Italy
Italy Revealed    DVD 914.5 Italy
Italy Sicily    DVD 914.5 Italy
Italy Southern Style    DVD 914.5 Italy
It Happened One Night    DVD It Happened
It’s a Wonderful Life         DVD It’s
It’s Complicated    DVD It’s Complicated
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown    DVD It’s the
Ivan the Terrible, Part 2    Russian with English subtitles    DVD Ivan
I’ve Loved You So Long  French w/ English subtitles   DVD I’ve Loved
I Will Follow    DVD I Will

Jack and the Beanstalk    DVD Jack
Jabberwocky    DVD Jabberwocky
Jack and the Beanstalk    DVD Jack
The Jackie Chan Collection    DVD Jackie
Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats    DVD B Kerouac, J
Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island    DVD B Pollock, J
J’ai tue ma mere (I Killed My Mother)    French with English subtitles    DVD J’ai
James and the Giant Peach    DVD James
The Jane Austen Book Club    DVD Jane
Jane Eyre    DVD Jane
Jane Fonda Prime Time. Firm & Burn    DVD 613.712 Jane
Jarhead         DVD Jarhead
Jaws         DVD Jaws
Jaws of the Pacific    DVD 597.3 Jaws
Jazz (10 Volume Set)    DVD 781.65 Jazz
The Jazz Singer    DVD Jazz
J. Edgar    DVD J. Edgar
Jeremiah Johnson    DVD Jeremiah
Jersey Girl    DVD Jersey
Jesse Stone.  Death in Paradise    DVD Death
Jesse Stone. Night Passage    DVD Night
The Jewel in the Crown Disc 1    DVD Jewel Disc 1
The Jewel in the Crown Disc 2    DVD Jewel Disc 2
The Jewel in the Crown Disc 3    DVD Jewel Disc 3
The Jewel in the Crown Disc 4    DVD Jewel Disc 4
The Jewish Americans    DVD 973.049 Jewish
Jezebel         DVD Jezebel
JFK         DVD JFK
Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal    DVD Dark Crystal
Jimmy Neutron, boy genius    DVD Jimmy
Le Jour Se Leve    French with English subtitles    DVD Le Jour
The Job the Complete Series    DVD Job
Joe Versus the Volcano    DVD Joe
John Adams    DVD B Adams J

Johnny English    DVD Johnny
Johnny Mnemonic    DVD Johnny
The John Wayne Collection: McLintock    DVD Wayne McLintock
The John Wayne Collection: The High & the Mighty   DVD Wayne High
The John Wayne Collection: Sons of Katie Elder & El Dorado    DVD Wayne Sons & El Dorado
The John Wayne Collection: The Shootist & The Man Who Shot   DVD Wayne Shootist & Man
The John Wayne Collection: Big Jake & Hondo    DVD Wayne Big & Hondo
The John Wayne Collection:  True Grit & Rio Lobo    DVD Wayne True & Rio
The John Wayne Collection: In Harms Way & Island In the Sky    DVD Wayne Harms & Island
The John Wayne Collection:  Donovans Reef & Hatari!    DVD Wayne Donovans & Hatar
Joyeux Noel=Merry Christmas    DVD Joyeux
Judge John Deed Season 1 & Pilot Episode    DVD Judge S 1
Judge John Deed Season 2        DVD Judge S 2
Judge John Deed Season 3        DVD Judge S 3
Judge John Deed Season 4        DVD Judge S 4
Judge John Deed Season 5        DVD Judge S 5
Judge John Deed Season 6        DVD Judge S 6
Jules and Jim    French with English subtitles    DVD Jules
Julie & Julia        DVD Julie
Jumanji        DVD Jumanji
Jumper        DVD Jumper
Jungle Book        DVD Jungle
Juninatten  (June night)     Swedish w/ English subtitles    DVD June
Junior        DVD Junior
Juno        DVD Juno
Jurassic Park            DVD Jurassic
Jurassic Park III             DVD Jurassic Park lll
Just Cause        DVD Just
Just Like Heaven        DVD Just
Just Married        DVD Just
K-19 : the Widowmaker           DVD K*19
Kalifornia        DVD Kalifornia
Kanal    Polish with English subtitles    DVD Kanal
Kansas City             DVD Kansas
Katyn        DVD Katyn
Kavanagh Q.C. Nothing But the Truth        DVD Kavanagh (Nothing)
Keane        DVD Keane

The Kentuckian        DVD Kentuckian
Key Constitutional Concepts             DVD 342.73 Key
Key Largo         DVD Key
The Kid    DVD Kid
Kidnap and Ransom    DVD Kidnap
Kids    DVD Kids
Kill Bill. Volume 1    DVD Kill
The Killer Inside Me    DVD Killer
Kindergarten Cop    DVD Kindergarten
Kind Hearts and Coronets    DVD Kind
The King and I     DVD King
The Kingdom of Heaven         DVD Kingdom
King Kong  (1933 version)    DVD King
King Kong  (2005 version)    DVD King
King of Devil’s Island    DVD King
King of Hearts  (Le roi de coeur)       DVD King
Kingdom of Heaven         DVD Kingdom
The King’s Speech    DVD Kings
Kinsey    DVD Kinsey
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang    DVD Kiss
Kiss Me, Stupid         DVD Kiss
Kiss the Girls    DVD Kiss
A Knight’s Tale         DVD Knight’s
The Kite Runner    DVD Kite
Kitty Hawk : the Wright brothers’ journey of invention       DVD 629.13 Kitty
Knife in the Water    Polish with English subtitles    DVD Knife
Knockaround Guys        DVD Knockaround
Knocked Up        DVD Knocked
Knute Rockne All American        DVD Knute
Kon-Tiki        DVD 910.4 Kon-Tiki
Koran by Heart        DVD 297 Koran
Korea: The Forgotten War        DVD 951.9 Korea
K-PAX        DVD K-PAX
Kundun             DVD Kundun
Kung Fu Panda        DVD Kung
Kung Fu Season 1        DVD Kung Fu S 1
Kung Fu Season 2        DVD Kung Fu S 2
Kung Fu Season 3        DVD Kung Fu S 3
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist        DVD Kung

Ladder 49             DVD Ladder
Lady and the Tramp          DVD Lady
Lady in the Water        DVD Lady
The Lady Vanishes        DVD Hitchcock
Lake Effects        DVD Lake
The Lake House        DVD Lake
Lakeview Terrace        DVD Lakeview
La Nana=The Maid    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Maid
Land of the Blind        DVD Land
Land Girls        DVD Land
Landscape after battle        DVD Landscape
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider        DVD Tomb
Lars and the Real Girl        DVD Lars
Lassie: The Painted Hills        DVD Lassie
The Last Castle        DVD Last
Last Holiday        DVD Last
The Last King of Scotland        DVD Last
The Last Kiss        DVD Last
Last Man Standing        DVD Last
The Last Mimzy        DVD Last Mimzy
The Last Picture Show        DVD Last
The Last Samurai             DVD Last
The Last Station        DVD Last
The Last Time I Saw Paris        DVD Last
The Last Waltz        DVD Last
La Strada         Italian with English subtitles    DVD La Strada
Laurel & Hardy        DVD Laurel
The Lavender Hill Mob             DVD Lavendar
La Vie En Rose    French with English subtitles    DVD La Vie En Rose
L’avventura    Italian with English subtitles    DVD L’Avventura
Law and Order        DVD Law
Lawnmower Man 2        DVD Lawnmower

Lawrence of Arabia             DVD Lawrence
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen        DVD League
Lean On Me             DVD Lean
Leave Her to Heaven        DVD Leave
Leaving Las Vegas        DVD Leaving
The Ledge        DVD Ledge
Led Zeppelin        DVD 781.66 Led
Left Behind        DVD Left
Legally Blonde        DVD Legally
Legends of the American West        DVD 978 Legends
Legend of the Lost        DVD Legend
Legends of the Fall             DVD Legends
The Legend of Zorro        DVD Legend
Leisa Hart’s Fit Mama Prenatal Workout        DVD 618.2 Leisa
The Leopard      Italian with English subtitles    DVD Leopard
Les Miserables        DVD Les Miserables
Les quatre cents coups=The 400 Blows   French w/ English subtitles   DVD 400 Blows
Les uns et les autres          French with English subtitles    DVD Les
Lethal Weapon: Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3    DVD Lethal
Let Me In    DVD Let
Let’s Make It Legal    DVD Let’s
The Letter         DVD Letter
Letters from Iwo Jima    DVD Letters
Letters to Juliet    DVD Letters
Letting Go of Life    DVD 179.7 Letting
Lewis & Clark : Great Journey West       DVD 917.804 Lewis
Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery    DVD 917.804 Lewis
Liberty!  The American Revolution    DVD 973.3 Liberty
Life    DVD 570 Life
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Vol. 1    DVD Nicholas
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Vol. 2    DVD Nicholas
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Vol. 3    DVD Nicholas
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Vol. 4    DVD Nicholas
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp    DVD Life
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou    DVD Life
Life As We Know it    DVD Life
Life In a Day    DVD 305 Life
Life in the Undergrowth    DVD 592 Life
Life is Beautiful    DVD Life

The Life of Birds    DVD 598 Life
The Life of Brian    DVD Life
The Life of David Gale    DVD Life
Life of Pi    DVD Life
The Life of Senator Margaret Chase Smith    DVD B Smith, M
Light Spirit    DVD 623.89 Light
Like Mike 2    DVD Like
Lilies of the Field         DVD Lilies
Lillian Russell    DVD Lillian
The Limey    DVD Limey
Lincoln    DVD Lincoln
The Lincoln Lawyer    DVD Lincoln
Line of Duty Series 1    DVD Line
Linewatch    DVD Linewatch
Lion for Lambs    DVD Lions
The Lion King    DVD Lion
The Lion King 1 1/2    DVD Lion 1 1/2
Little Children    DVD Little
Little Giants    DVD Little
The Little Mermaid    DVD Little
Little Miss Sunshine    DVD Little
The Little Shop of Horrors    DVD Little
Live Free or Die Hard    DVD Live Free
The Lives of Others     DVD Lives
Living with Tigers    DVD 599.7 Living
A Lobster Tale    DVD Lobster
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels    DVD Lock
Logan’s Run         DVD Logan’s
The Lone Ranger    DVD Lone
The Long Knives      DVD 978 Long
The Longest Day         DVD Longest
The Longest Yard    DVD Longest
Looney Tunes  Golden Collection Volume 3    DVD Looney v.3
Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4    DVD Looney v.4
Looney Tunes   Premiere collection       DVD Looney v. 2
Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume 2         DVD Looney
The Lorax    DVD Lorax
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring    DVD Lord (Fellowship)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King   DVD Lord (Return of the King)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers    DVD Lord (Two Towers)
The Lords of Flatbush      DVD Lords
Lost Boys of Sudan    DVD 962.404 Lost
Lost in La Mancha      DVD Lost

Lost in Space    DVD Lost
Lost in Translation         DVD Lost
A Lot Like Love    DVD Lot
Louisiana Purchase    DVD Louisiana
Love Actually         DVD Love
The Love Bug    DVD Love
Love Comes Softly    DVD Love
Love in a Cold Climate         DVD Love
The Lovely Bones    DVD Lovely
Love Potion # 9    DVD Love
Loves of a Blonde    Czech with English subtitles    DVD Loves
Loves Long Journey    DVD Loves
Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic    DVD 616.85 Loving
Lucky Number Slevin    DVD Lucky
The Lucy Show Collection    DVD 792.2 Lucy
Lyme Disease    DVD 616.92 Lyme
Lymelife    DVD Lymelife
M    German with English subtitles    DVD M
MacArthur    DVD MacArthur
Mad Max    DVD Mad
Mad Money    DVD Mad
Madagascar 3. Europes Most Wanted    DVD Madagascar 3
Made In Dagenham    DVD Made
M*A*S*H. TV season four         DVD M.A.S.H.
Magical Mystery Tour         DVD Magical
Magic Beyond Words: the J.K. Rowling Story     DVD B Rowling, J.K.
The Magic of Belle Isle    DVD Magic
The Magnificent Seven    DVD Magnificent
Magnolia         DVD Magnolia
Magnum Force    DVD Magnum
Maid in Manhatten    DVD Maid
The Maigret Collection    DVD Maigret

Main Event    DVD Main
The Maine Women Writers Collection: The First 50 Years    DVD 025.2 Maine
Major League    DVD Major
Mama     DVD Mama
Maman est Chez le Coiffeur    DVD Maman
Mamma Mia    DVD Mamma
The Man    DVD Man
A Man Apart         DVD Man
Manchurian Candidate    DVD Manchurian
The Maltese Falcon         DVD Maltese
A Man and a Woman    French with English subtitles    DVD Man
The Man from Laramie    DVD Man
The Man from Snowy River         DVD Man
Man Hunt    DVD Man
Manhunter    DVD Manhunter
Man on Fire    DVD Man
Man on Wire    DVD Man on
The Man Who Came to Dinner         DVD Man
The Man Who Fell to Earth         DVD Man
The Man Who Never Was    DVD Man
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance    DVD Man
The Manchurian Candidate [1962]         DVD Manchurian
The Manchurian Candidate [2004]         DVD Manchurian
Mandate : the president and the people    DVD 342.73 Mandate
The Man Called Flintstone    DVD Man
A Man Called Sledge    DVD Man
The Man Who Would be King    DVD Man
Manhattan         DVD Manhattan
Manito    DVD Manito
Mansfield Park         DVD Mansfield
Mao’s Last Dancer    DVD Mao’s
Marathon Challenge    DVD 796.42 Marathon
Margaret    DVD Margaret
Maria Full of Grace    DVD Maria Marie Antoinette    DVD Marie
Mark Twain    DVD B Twain
Marked Woman     DVD Marked
Marley & Me    DVD Marley
Mars Attacks!         DVD Mars
Martin Chuzzlewit    DVD Martin
Marwencol    DVD 617.481 Marwencol
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein    DVD Frankenstein
The Marx Brothers   Animal Crackers      DVD Marx
The Marx Brothers   Cocoanuts        DVD Marx
The Marx Brothers   Duck Soup       DVD Marx
The Marx Brothers   Horse Feathers       DVD Marx
The Marx Brothers   Monkey Business        DVD Marx
The Marx Brothers   Bonus Materials      DVD Marx

The Marx Brothers. Silver Screen Collection    DVD Marx Brothers
Mary Poppins    DVD Mary
M*A*S*H. TV season one         DVD M*A*S*H S.1
M*A*S*H. TV season two    DVD M*A*S*H S.2
M*A*S*H. TV season three    DVD M*A*S*H S.3
M*A*S*H. TV season six    DVD M*A*S*H S 6
The Mask         DVD Mask
Massacre at Fort Holman    DVD Massacre
The Master    DVD Master
Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World    DVD Master
Match Point         DVD Match
Matchstick Men    DVD Matchstick
The Matrix         DVD Matrix
Matrix Reloaded         DVD Matrix (Reloaded)
The Mayor of Casterbridge    DVD Mayor
May Sarton    DVD B Sarton
McLintock!    DVD McLintock
Medium. The Complete First Season    DVD Medium S.1
Megamind    DVD Megamind
Meet Dave    DVD Meet
Meet Joe Black    DVD Meet
Meet the Parents         DVD Meet
Meet the Robinsons    DVD Meet
Megamind    DVD Megamind
Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part 1    DVD History
Memento    DVD Memento
Memoirs of a Geisha         DVD Memoirs
Men In Black    DVD Men
Men of Honor         DVD Men
Menopause and Beyond    DVD 618.1 Northrup
Merlin         DVD Merlin
Merlin and the War of the Dragons    DVD Merlin
Metropolis    German with English subtitles    DVD Metropolis
M. Hulot’s Holiday    French with English subtitles    DVD M. Hulots
MI-5 Volume 7    DVD MI-5 V 7
MI-5 Volume 8    DVD MI-5 V 8

Miami Vice    DVD Miami
Michael Clayton    DVD Michael
Mickey:  A Family Story    DVD Mickey
Mid-August Lunch    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Mid-August
Midnight    DVD Midnight
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil    DVD Midnight
Midsomer Murders. Set 13    DVD Midsomer Set 13
Midsomer Murders. Set 12    DVD Midsomer Set 12
Midsomer Murders. Set 15    DVD Midsomer Set 15
Midsomer Murders. Set 16    DVD Midsomer Set 16
Midsomer Murders. Set 17    DVD Midsomer Set 17
Midsomer Murders. Set 18    DVD Midsomer Set 18
Midsomer Murders. Set 19    DVD Midsomer Set 19
Midsomer Murders. Set 20    DVD Midsomer Set 20
Midsomer Murders. Set 21    DVD Midsomer Set 21
Midsomer Murders. Set 22    DVD Midsomer Set 22
Midsomer Murders. Beyond the Grave    DVD Midsomer (Beyond)
Midsomer Murders.  Birds of Prey    DVD Midsomer (Birds)
Midsomer Murders.  Dark Autumn    DVD Midsomer (Dark)
Midsomer Murders.  Death & Dreams    DVD Midsomer (Death)
Midsomer Murders. Death’s Shadow    DVD Midsomer (Death)
Midsomer Murders. Destroying Angels DVD Midsomer (Destroying)
Midsomer Murders. The Electric Vendetta  DVD Midsomer (Electric)
Midsomer Murders.  Garden of Death    DVD Midsomer (Garden)
Midsomer Murders. Painted in Blood    DVD Midsomer (Painted)
Midsomer Murders. Strangler’s Wood    DVD Midsomer (Strangler’s)
Midsomer Murders. A Tale of Two Hamlets    DVD Midsomer (Tale)
Midsomer Murders. A Talent for Life    DVD Midsome (Talent)
Midsummer Night’s Dream    DVD Midsummer
Mighty Joe Young         DVD Mighty
A Mighty Heart    DVD Mighty

A Mighty Wind    DVD Mighty
MIIB : Men in Black II       DVD Men in Black II
Mildred Pierce         DVD Mildred
Milk    DVD Milk
Million Dollar Baby    DVD Million
Mind Hunters    DVD Mind
Minority Report         DVD Minority
Miracle      DVD 796.9 Miracle
The Miracle Maker    DVD 232.9 Miracle
Miracle on 34th Street         DVD Miracle
The Miracle Worker    DVD Miracle
The Mirror Crack’d    DVD Mirror
The Mirror Has Two Faces    DVD Mirror
Misery    DVD Misery
The Misfits    DVD Misfits
Miss Firecracker    DVD Miss
Mission : Impossible         DVD Mission
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol    DVD Mission Ghost
Miss Julie    DVD Miss
The Missing    DVD Missing
M:i-2  (Mission Impossible 2)     DVD Mission 2
Mission : Impossible 3        DVD Mission Three
Mississippi Burning         DVD Mississippi
Mist        DVD Mist
Mister Roberts         DVD Mister
Modern Times    DVD Modern
Moliare    DVD Moliere
Moll Flanders    DVD Moll
Mona Lisa Smile    DVD Mona
Moneyball    DVD Moneyball
The Monitor    DVD Monitor
Monk Season 1    DVD Monk

Monk. Season Two Disc 1    DVD Monk S2D1
Monk. Season Two Disc 2    DVD Monk S2D2
Monk. Season Two Disc 3    DVD Monk S2D3
Monk Season Two Disc 4    DVD Monk S2D4
Monk. Season Three Disc 1    DVD Monk S3D1
Monk. Season Three Disc 2    DVD Monk S3D2
Monk. Season Three Disc 3    DVD Monk S3D3
Monk. Season Three Disc 4    DVD Monk S3D4 Monk. Season Five Disc 1    DVD Monk S5D1
Monk. Season Five Disc 2    DVD Monk S5D2
Monk. Season Five Disc 3    DVD Monk S5D3
Monk. Season Five Disc 4    DVD Monk S5D4
Best of Monk    DVD Monk
Monsieur Lazhar    French with English subtitles    DVD Monsieur
Monster House    DVD Monster
Monster-in-Law    DVD Monster
Monsters    DVD Monsters
Monsters University    DVD Monsters
Monsters vs. Aliens    DVD Monsters
Monty Python and the Holy Grail    DVD Monty
Monty Python’s Flying Circus (10 volumes)    DVD Monty
Monty Python’s Life of Brian    DVD Life
Moon Over Miami    DVD Moon
Moonraker         DVD Moonraker
Moonrise Kingdom    DVD Moonrise
Mortal Combat    DVD Mortal
The Most Dangerous Man in America. Daniel Ellsberg & the Pentagon Papers DVD 959.7 Most Dangerous
Mostly Martha    German with English subtitles    DVD Mostly
Mother of Mine        DVD Mother
The Mothman Prophecies        DVD Mothman
Moulin Rouge!             DVD Moulin
Mouse Hunt        DVD Mouse
Mozart’s Sister        DVD Mozart’s
Mr. Brooks        DVD Mr. Brooks
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town        DVD Mr. Deeds
Mr. Nice Guy        DVD Mr. Nice
Mr. Poppers Penquins        DVD Mr. Popper’s
Mr. Skeffington             DVD Mr. Skeffington
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington        DVD Mr. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith        DVD Mr. & Mrs.
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont        DVD Mrs. Palfrey
Much Ado About Nothing             DVD Much
Mulholland Dr        DVD Mulholland
Mumford        DVD Mumford
The Mummy             DVD Mummy
The Mummy Collector’s Set        DVD Mummy
The Mummy Returns           DVD Mummy
Munich             DVD Munich
The Muppets        DVD Muppets
The Muppet Show Season 1        DVD Muppet S 1
The Muppet Show Season 2        DVD Muppet S 2
A Murder of Crows        DVD Murder
Murder Ahoy          DVD Murder
Murder at 1600             DVD Murder
Murder at the Gallop      DVD Murder
Murder Investigation Team. Series 1    DVD Murder S 1
Murder Most English Vol 1-3    DVD Murder Murder Most Foul        DVD Murder
Murder on the Orient Express         DVD Murder
The Murder Room    DVD Murder
Murder She Said…       DVD Murder she
The Murders in the Rue Morgue         DVD Murders
Murphy’s Law. Series 1    DVD Murphy’s Series 1
Murphy’s Law. Series 2    DVD Murphy’s Series 2
Murphy’s Law. Series 3    DVD Murphy’s Series 3
Murphy’s Law. Series 4 & 5    DVD Murphy’s Series 4 & 5
Muscle Beach Party    DVD Frankie
Muse of Fire    DVD 956.7 Muse
Music and Lyrics    DVD Music
The Music Man         DVD Music Man
Must Love Dogs         DVD Must
My Afternoons with Margueritte French w/ Eng subtitles DVD My
My Best Friend’s Wedding    DVD My Best
My Big Fat Greek Wedding    DVD My Big
My Blue Heaven    DVD My Blue
My Bodyguard    DVD My Bodyguard
My Darling Clementine         DVD My Darling
My Dinner with Andre    DVD My Dinner
My Fair Lady         DVD My
My Girl    DVD My Girl

My Life in Ruins    DVD My Life
My Life So Far         DVD My Life
My Sister’s Keeper    DVD My Sister’s
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done    DVD My Son
Mystery, Alaska    DVD Mystery
Mystery Men     DVD Mystery
Mystic River         DVD Mystic
Best of Discovery Channel. Volume 4: Mythbusters    DVD Mythbusters
My Week with Marilyn    DVD My Week
The Namesake    DVD Namesake
Nancy Drew Season 1    DVD Nancy Drew S 1
Napoleon Dynamite    DVD Napoleon
Narc    DVD Narc
Narrow Escape    DVD Narrow
Natalie’s Rose    DVD Natalie’s
National Lampoon’s Animal House    DVD Animal
The National Parks: America’s Best Idea    DVD 333.78 National
National Treasure Book of Secrets        DVD National
National Velvet         DVD National
Natural Born Killers    DVD Natural
The Natural History of the Chicken    DVD 636.5 Natural
Nature.  Ocean Giants    DVD 599.5 Ocean
The Nazis: A Warning From History    DVD 943.086 Nazis
Ned Kelly    DVD Ned
Nefertiti Resurrected         DVD 932 Nefertiti
The Negotiator    DVD Negotiator
Never Cry Wolf    DVD Never
Never Let Me Go    DVD Never
The New World    DVD New
New York, New York    DVD New
New York: The Country and the City    DVD 974.71 New v.1
New York: Order and Disorder    DVD 974.71 New v.2
New York: Sunshine and Shadow    DVD 974.71 New v.3
New York: The Power and the People    DVD 974.71 New v.4
New York: Cosmopolis    DVD 974.71 New v.5
New York: City of Tomorrow    DVD 974.71 New v.6
New York: City and the World    DVD 974.71 New v.7
New York: The Center of the World    DVD 974.71 New v.8
Next     DVD Next
Nick of Time    DVD Nick

Nico Icon         DVD B Nico
Night At the Museum.  Battle of the Smithsonian  DVD Night (Battle)
Nightfighters    DVD 940.54 Nightfighters
The Night Listener    DVD Night
Nightmare Alley    DVD Nightmare
The Night Stalker    DVD Night
Nim’s Island    DVD Nim’s
The Ninth Gate    DVD Ninth
Nobody’s Fool    DVD Nobody’s
No Country For Old men    DVD No Country
No direction home : Bob Dylan       DVD B Dylan
Noel     DVD Noel
No Good Deed    DVD No Good
Norbit    DVD Norbit
North by Northwest         DVD North
Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B Anth DVD 305.42 Not
The Notebook    DVD Notebook
Notes on a Scandal    DVD Notes
Nothing But Trouble         DVD Nothing
Notorious         DVD Hitchcock Notorious
Notting Hill     DVD Notting
Nova.  The Elegant Universe    DVD Elegant
Nova Science Now. Where Did We Come From?    DVD 576.8 Nova
Now, Voyager         DVD Now
Nowere Boy    DVD Nowhere
Nowhere in Africa       DVD Nowhere
The Number 23    DVD Number 23
NYPD Blue. Season 1    DVD NYPD S1
NYPD Blue. Season 2    DVD NYPD S2
NYPD Blue. Season 3    DVD NYPD S3
NYPD Blue. Season 4    DVD NYPD S4
O Brother, Where Art Thou?         DVD O Brother
Oceans    DVD 551.46 Oceans
Ocean’s Eleven         DVD Oceans
Ocean’s Thirteen    DVD Oceans
Ocean’s Twelve         DVD Oceans
October Sky    DVD October
Octopussy         DVD Octopussy
The Odd Couple    DVD Odd
The Odd Life of Timothy Green    DVD Odd
Of Gods and Men    DVD Of Gods

Office Space    DVD Office
Oklahoma    DVD Oklahoma
Old Acquaintance      DVD Old
Old Dogs    DVD Old
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving    DVD Old
Old Man and the Sea    DVD Old
Oliver!         DVD Oliver
Oliver Twist    DVD Oliver
The Omega Man    DVD Omega
On Golden Pond         DVD On
One Fine Day    DVD One
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest         DVD One
One Missed Call    DVD One
One Night Only    DVD 782.42 Bee Gees
One Two Three         DVD One
On the Waterfront    DVD On the Waterfront
Open Range    DVD Open Open Season    DVD Open
Operation Petticoat    DVD Operation
Orange County    DVD Orange
Original Sin    DVD Original
Orphan    DVD Orphan
The Orphanage    DVD Orphanage
Ostrov=The Island    Russian with English subtitles    DVD Island
The Other Guys    DVD Others
The Other Man    DVD Other
The Other Woman    DVD Other
The Others    DVD Others
The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan Live    DVD 781.66 Other
Our Constitution : a conversation       DVD 342.73 Our
Our Mutual Friend    DVD Our Mutual
Our Night Sky    DVD 520 Our
Outer Limits Sex & Science Fiction    DVD Outer
Outer Limits Time Travel & Infinity    DVD Outer
Outland    DVD Outland
Out of Africa    DVD Out
Out of the Past         DVD Out of the Past
Outfoxed : Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism   DVD 302.23 Outfoxed
The Outsiders        DVD Outsiders
Over the Hedge        DVD Over
Over the Hill Gang        DVD Over
Over New England        DVD 917.404 Over
Page One. Inside the NY Times        DVD 071.47 Page
Painkiller Jane        DVD Painkiller

The Painted Veil        DVD Painted
Palindromes             DVD Palindromes
The Palm Beach Story        DVD Palm
Pandora’s Box        DVD Pandoras
Panic In the Streets        DVD Panic
Panic Room             DVD Panic
Panny Z Wilko=Young Girls of Wilko Polish w\ Eng sub DVD Young
Pan’s Labyrinth        DVD Pan’s
Paradise Road        DVD Paradise
Paranorman        DVD Paranorman
Parental Guidance        DVD Parental
The Parent Trap        DVD Parent
Paris 36        DVD Paris
The Party’s Over        DVD 324.973 Party’s
A Passage to India        DVD Passage
Passengers        DVD Passengers
The Passion of the Christ  Aramaic w\ English subtitles DVD Passion
Pat and Mike             DVD Pat
Patch Adams        DVD Patch
The Patriot        DVD Patriot
Patton             DVD Patton
Paycheck        DVD Paycheck
Pay It Forward        DVD Pay
PCU        DVD PCU
Peaceful Warrior        DVD Peaceful
The Peacemaker        DVD Peacemaker
Pearl Harbor             DVD Pearl
The Pelican Brief        DVD Pelican
Pennies From Heaven        DVD Pennies
Penny Serenade        DVD Penny
The Penquins of Madagascar.  The All Nighter Before Christmas   DVD Penquins (All-Nighter)
People    DVD People
Pepe Le Moko    French with English subtitles    DVD Pepe
Perfect Creature    DVD Perfect

A Perfect Murder         DVD Perfect
The Perfect Storm         DVD Perfect
Perfect Stranger    DVD Perfect
Permanent Midnight    DVD Permanent
Persepolis    French or English track    DVD Persepolis
Persuasion         DVD Persuasion
Peter Pan    DVD Peter
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera    DVD Phantom
Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune    DVD B Ochs, P
Phoebe in Wonderland    DVD Phoebe
Phonebooth    DVD Phonebooth
The Pianist    DVD Pianist
The Piano    DVD Piano
The Philadelphia Story    DVD Philadelphia
Pilates Body Sculpting Workout    DVD 613.71 Pilates
Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss    DVD 613.71 Pilates
The Pink Panther      DVD Pink Panther
The Pink Panther: Swingin in the Park    DVD Pink Vol 4
The Pink Panther Strikes Again    DVD Pink (Strikes)
The Pink Panther.  A Pink Christmas    DVD Pink
Agatha Christie’s Poirot.  Hercule Poirot’s Christmas    DVD Poirot (Christmas)
Pirate Radio    DVD Pirate
The Pirates! Band of Misfits    DVD Pirates
Pirates of the Black Hawk    DVD Pirates
Pirates of the Carribbean    DVD Pirates
Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest    DVD Pirates
Pirates of the Carribbean:  At World’s End    DVD Pirates (World)
Pirates of the Carribbean:  The Curse of the Black Pearl    DVD Pirates (Curse)
The Place Beyond the Pines    DVD Place
Plant Earth. The Complete Series    DVD 550 Planet Earth
Planes, Trains and Automobiles    DVD Planes
Planet 51    DVD Planet 51
Planet of the Apes         DVD Planet
Platoon    DVD Platoon
Pleasantville         DVD Pleasantville
Please Give    DVD Please
Point of No Return    DVD Point
Point of No Return: A Moment’s Choice     DVD 363.1 Point
The Politician’s Wife    DVD Politician
Ponyo    DVD Ponyo
Pope John Paul II : his life and legacy       DVD 282 Pope
Popeye    DVD Popeye
Popeye the Sailor 1933-1938    DVD Popeye V1
Popeye the Sailor 1938-1940    DVD Popeye V2
Popeye the Sailor 1941-1943    DVD Popeye V3
Porky Pig:  Porky’s Café    DVD Porky
Porky’s    DVD Porky’s
Poseidon   (2006 remake)    DVD Poseidon

The Poseidon Adventure   (1972)      DVD Poseidon
Possessed         DVD Possessed
Il Posto    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Il Posto
Pot o’ Gold    DVD Pot
The Power of Choice    DVD 330 Power
The Power of One    DVD Power
Power Yoga for Happiness    DVD 613.7 Power
Power Yoga Total Body    DVD 613.7 Power
A Prairie Home Companion    DVD Prairie
Precious    DVD Precious
Pregnancy System 3 in 1    DVD 618.2 Pregnancy
Premonition: the Forgotten    DVD Premonition
Prenatal Pilates    DVD 618.24 Prenatal
Prenatal yoga         DVD 618.24 Prenatal
Pretty in Pink         DVD Pretty
Pretty Woman         DVD Pretty
Prey    DVD Prey
Pride & Prejudice         DVD Pride
The Pride of the Yankees    DVD Pride
Prince Among Slaves    DVD 306.3 Prince
Prince of the Alps    DVD 599.65 Prince
The Princess Bride         DVD Princess
The Princess Diaries         DVD Princess
Princess Protection Program    DVD Princess
The Princess and the Pirate    DVD Princess
Prison Break Season 1 Discs 1 & 2    DVD Prison S 1
Prison Break Season 1 Discs 3 & 4    DVD Prison S 1
Prison Break Season 1 Discs 5 & 6    DVD Prison S 1
Prison Break Season 2 Discs 1 & 2    DVD Prison S 2
Prison Break Season 2 Discs 3 & 4    DVD Prison S 2
Prison Break Season 2 Discs 5 & 6    DVD Prison S 2
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes         DVD Sherlock Private
The Producers   (2006 remake)       DVD Producers
The Professional    DVD Professional
The Program    DVD Program
Project Nim    DVD 599.88 Project
Promised Land    DVD Promised
A Prophet    DVD Prophet
The Prowler    DVD Prowler
PS I Love You    DVD PS I Love
Psych.  The Complete First Season    DVD Psych
Public Enemies    DVD Public
Pulse    DVD Pulse
Pumpkinhead    DVD Pumpkinhead
Punch-Drunk Love    DVD Punch-Drunk
Pure Country    DVD Pure
The Purple Rose of Cairo    DVD Purple

The Pursuit of Happiness    DVD Pursuit
Pushing Tin    DVD Pushing
Puss and Boots    DVD Puss
Q & A with Akbar Ahmed    DVD 297 Ahmed
Quantum of Solace    DVD Quantum
The Queen    DVD Queen
The Quick and the Dead    DVD Quick
Queen of the Damned    DVD Queen
Quigley Down Under    DVD Quigley
Quill    DVD Quill
Rabbit Hole    DVD Rabbit
Race to Witch Mountain    DVD Race
Rachel Getting Married    DVD Rachel
Racing Stripes    DVD Racing
Radio     DVD Radio
Radio City Christmas Spectacular: Starring the Rockettes   DVD Radio
Radio Days    DVD Radio
Raging Bull    DVD Raging
Rain Man         DVD Rain
Raja    DVD Raja
Rambo (First Blood Pt. 2)    DVD Rambo
Rambo III    DVD Rambo
Ramchand Pakistani    Hindi with English subtitles   DVD Ramchand
Random Hearts    DVD Random
The Ranger, the Cook, and A Hole in the Sky    DVD Ranger
The Rape of Europa        DVD 364.1 Rape
Rashomon    Japanese with English subtitles    DVD Rashomon
Raising Arizona        DVD Raising
Rango        DVD Rango
Rapt        DVD Rapt
Ratatouille        DVD Ratatouille
Rat Race        DVD Rat Race
Ray             DVD Ray
Real Men        DVD Real
Rebecca             DVD Rebecca
Rebel Without a Cause             DVD Rebel
Reconstruction          DVD Reconstruction
Reconstruction : the second Civil War  DVD 973.7 Reconstruction
Recount        DVD Recount
The Recruit             DVD Recruit

Red Dragon        DVD Red
Red Heat        DVD Red Heat
Red Eye        DVD Red Eye
The Red Fury        DVD Red
Red Planet             DVD Red
The Red Pony        DVD Red Pony
Red        DVD Red
Reds        DVD Reds
Reflections of Maine:  A Musical Journey        DVD 917.41 Reflection
Regarding Henry        DVD Regarding
Reign of Fire        DVD Reign
Relative Evil        DVD Relative
Remember Me        DVD Remember
Remember the Titans        DVD Remember
Rescue Dawn        DVD Rescue
Reservoir Dogs             DVD Reservoir
Resident Evil:  Extinction    DVD Resident Extinction
Restaurant    DVD Restaurant
Resting Place    DVD Resting
Restrepo: One Platoon, One Valley, One Year    DVD Restrepo
RFK         DVD B Kennedy, R
Return of the Black Stallion    DVD Return
Revenge of the Pink Panther    DVD Pink (Revenge)
The Return    DVD Return
Revolutionary Road    DVD Revolutionary
Richard III    DVD Richard
Rich Man, Poor Man    DVD Rich
Riding Giants    DVD 797.3 Riding
Rififi    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Rififi
Righteous Kill    DVD Righteous
Rio     DVD Rio
Rio Bravo    DVD Rio
Rise of the Guardians    DVD Rise
Rise of the Planet of the Apes    DVD Rise
The River Niger    DVD River
A River Runs Through It    DVD River
Road to Bali, Road to Rio      DVD Road
Road to Nowhere    DVD Road
Road to Perdition    DVD Road
The Road Warrior    DVD Road
Robin Hood, Men in Tights    DVD Robin

Rob Roy    DVD Rob Roy
Rock Star    DVD Rock
The Rockford Files    DVD Rockford
RocknRolla    DVD RocknRolla
Rocky         DVD Rocky
Rocky II    DVD Rocky II
Rocky III    DVD Rocky III
Rocky IV    DVD Rocky IV
Rocky V    DVD Rocky V
Rocky Balboa    DVD Rocky
The Rocky Horror Picture Show    DVD Rocky
Rolling Stones:  Ed Sullivan Shows    DVD 791.4572 Rolling
Romancing the Stone    DVD Romancing
Rome Season 1    DVD Rome S 1
Rome Season 2    DVD Rome S 2
Romeo and Juliet    DVD Romeo
Romeo is Bleeding    DVD Romeo
Ronin         DVD Ronin
The Rookie    DVD Rookie
A Room with a View         DVD Room
Rope    DVD Rope
The Rosa Parks Story    DVD 323.1 Rosa
Rosemary & Thyme Series 3    DVD Rosemary S 3
Rosenstrasse    German with English subtitles    DVD Rosenstrasse
Rose Red    DVD Rose
Route 66 Season 1 Volume 1 Disc 1 & 2    DVD Route 66
Route 66 Season 1 Volume 1 Disc 1 & 2    DVD Route 66
Roving Mars    DVD 523.43 Roving
Row Your Boat    DVD Row
The Royal Tenebaums    DVD Royal
The Royal Wedding    DVD 941.08 Royal
Rudy         DVD Rudy
The Rules of Attraction         DVD Rules
Rules of Engagement         DVD Rules
The Rules of the Game    DVD Rules
Rumble in the Bronx    DVD Rumble
Rumor Has It    DVD Rumor
Rumpole of the Bailey    DVD Rumpole
Runaway    DVD Runaway
Running Scared    DVD Running Scared
Runaway Train    DVD Runaway
Run Silent, Run Deep    DVD Run
Rush Hour 2         DVD Rush
Rush Hour 3    DVD Rush
Rushmore    DVD Rushmore
Russia Land of the Tsars    DVD 947 Russia V 1
Russia Land of the Tsars    DVD 947 Russia V 2
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming    DVD Russians
Ruth Rendell Mysteries. Set 3    DVD Ruth Set 3
The Saint    DVD Saint
Saints and Soldiers    DVD Saints

Saint Ralph    DVD Saint
Sahara    DVD Sahara
Salt    DVD Salt
Same Time Next Year    DVD Same
The Sandlot    DVD Sandlot
The Sandpiper    DVD Sandpiper
Santa Buddies    DVD Santa
Santa Claus 2    DVD Santa
Sante Fe Trail    DVD Sante
The Sapphires    DVD Sapphires
Saturday Night Live. The Best of Eddie Murphy    DVD Saturday
The Savages    DVD Savages
Savage Land    DVD Savage
Saving Private Ryan    DVD Saving
Saw II    DVD Saw II
Saturday Night Live. The Best of Will Farrell    DVD Saturday
Saving Grace    DVD Saving
Scarface    DVD Scarface
Scary Movie    DVD Scary
Scary Movie 4    DVD Scary
Scent of a Woman    DVD Scent
Schindler’s List         DVD Schindlers
Schultze gets the Blues  German w/ English subtitles  DVD Schultze
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought  DVD 299.936 Scientology
Sci-Fi Collector’s Set: 4 Films    DVD Sci-Fi
Scoop    DVD Scoop
The Score    DVD Score
The Scorpian King    DVD Scorpian
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy    DVD 345.73 Scottsboro
Scream    DVD Scream
Scream 2    DVD Scream 2
Scream 3    DVD Scream 3
Scrubs The Complete Second Season    DVD Scrubs S 2
Seabiscuit    DVD Seabiscuit
The Searchers    DVD Searchers
Secret of the Wings    DVD Secret
Se7en         DVD Se7en
Second in Command    DVD Second
The Secret      DVD 158.1 Secret
Secretariat    DVD Secretariat
The Secret Life of Bees    DVD Secret
Secrets of the Furious Five    DVD Secrets
Secret of Nikola Tesla    DVD Secret
The Secret of NIMH    DVD Secret
Secrets of the Parthenon    DVD 726.12 Secrets
The Secret of Roan Inish    DVD Secret
Secret Window    DVD Secret
Seducing Dr. Lewis    DVD Seducing
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World    DVD Seeking
Seinfeld. Seasons 1 & 2         DVD Seinfeld S1 & 2

Seinfeld. Season 4    DVD Seinfeld S 4
Seinfeld. Season 3    DVD Seinfeld S3
Seinfeld. Season 7    DVD Seinfeld S7
Seize the Day    DVD Seize
The Sensation of Sight    DVD Sensation
Sense and Sensibility    DVD Sense
The Sentinel    DVD Sentinel
Seraphim Falls    DVD Seraphim
Serendipity    DVD Serendipity
Serenity         DVD Serenity
A Serious Man    DVD Serious
Seven Days in May    DVD Seven
The Seven Little Foys    DVD Seven
Seven Pounds    DVD Seven
Sex and the City. The Complete first season    DVD Sex Season 1
Sex and the City. The Complete second season    DVD Sex Season 2
Sex and the City. The Complete third season    DVD Sex Season 3
Sex and the City.  The Complete fourth season    DVD Sex Season 4
Sex and the City. The Complete fifth season    DVD Sex Season 5
Sex and the City. Season Six, part one    DVD Sex S6 P1
Sex and the City. Season Six, part two    DVD Sex S6 P2
Sex and Death 101    DVD Sex
Seven Samurai    DVD Seven
The Seven Ups    DVD Sevenups
Seven Years in Tibet         DVD Seven
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band     DVD Sgt. Peppers
Shadow Puppets    DVD Shadow
Shaft         DVD Shaft
The Shakers    DVD 289.8 Shakers
Shall We Dance    DVD Shall
Shanghai Noon    DVD Shanghai
The Shawshank Redemption         DVD Shawshank
She Done him Wrong    DVD She done
Sherlock Holmes    DVD Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows    DVD Sherlock Homes
She’s All That    DVD She’s
She’s Having a Baby    DVD She’s Having
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon    DVD She Wore
Shine         DVD Shine
The Shining    DVD Shining
Shirley Temple. Little Darling Pack    DVD Shirley
Shoot ’em up    DVD Shoot
Shooter    DVD Shooter
Showtime    DVD Showtime
Shrek         DVD Shrek
Shrek 2    DVD Shrek 2
Shrek the Third    DVD Shrek 3
Shrek Forever After: the Final Chapter    DVD Shrek 4
Shutter Island    DVD Shutter

Sicko    DVD 362.1 Sicko
The Sicilian Girl    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Sicilian
Signs         DVD Signs
The Silence of the Lambs     DVD Silence
Silent Hill    DVD Silent Silent Movie    DVD Silent
The Silk Road    DVD 950.1 Silk
Silver Linings Playbook    DVD Silver
Simon and Garfunkel. Old Friends Live On Stage DVD 782.42 Simon
A Simple Twist of Fate         DVD Simple
The Simpsons Movie    DVD Simpsons
The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror    DVD Simpsons Treehouse
Sinatra:  The Classic Duets    DVD 781.64 Sinatra
The Singing Detective    DVD Singing
Single-Handed. Set 1    DVD Single Set 1
A Single Man    DVD Single
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants    DVD Sisterhood
The Sixth Sense             DVD Sixth
The Skeleton Key             DVD Skeleton
The Skin I Live In    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Skin
The Skulls        DVD Skulls
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow        DVD Sky
Sky High        DVD Sky
Skyfall        DVD Skyfall
Slavery by Another Name        DVD 305.896 Slavery
Sleeping with the Enemy        DVD Sleeping
Sleepers        DVD Sleepers
Sleepless in Seattle             DVD Sleepless
Sleuth        DVD Sleuth
Sliders.  The Fourth Season        DVD Sliders 4 (All discs)
Sling Blade        DVD Sling
Slumdog Millionaire        DVD Slumdog
Small Island        DVD Small Island
Small Time Crooks             DVD Small
Smother        DVD Smother
Smultronstèallet   (Wild Strawberries)       Swedish with English subtitles    DVD Wild
Smurfs        DVD Smurfs
Snatch        DVD Snatch

Snow Buddies        DVD Air (Snow)
Snow Falling on Cedars             DVD Snow
The Snow Queen        DVD Snow Queen
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs        DVD Snow
Soccer Dog        DVD Soccer
The Social Network        DVD Social
Solaris        DVD Solaris
The Soloist        DVD Soloist
Some Like it Hot             DVD Some
Something Borrowed        DVD Something
Something to Talk About        DVD Something
Somethings Gotta Give        DVD Something’s
Somewhere        DVD Somewhere
Songcatcher        DVD Songcatcher
The Son of Kong              DVD Son
The Sorrows of Gin             DVD Sorrows
Soul Surfer        DVD Soul
The Sound of Music             DVD Sound
Southbounders        DVD Southbounders
South Pacific        DVD South
South Riding        DVD South
Soylent Green        DVD Soylent
Space Cowboys        DVD Space
Space Jam             DVD Space
Spaceballs        DVD Spaceballs
Spanglish        DVD Spanglish
Spartan             DVD Spartan
Spellbound    DVD Spellbound
Spencer’s Mountain    DVD Spencer’s
Spider-Man         DVD Spider-man
Spider-Man 3        DVD Spider-man 3
Spies Like Us      DVD Spies
Spies That Fly    DVD 623.7 Spies

The Spirit of St. Louis    DVD B Lindbergh
The Spirit of the Beehive    DVD Spirit
Splice    DVD Splice
Spy Game    DVD Spy
Spy Kids    DVD Spy
The Spy Who Loved Me         DVD Spy
Stagecoach    DVD Stagecoach
Stand By Me    DVD Stand
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures    DVD B Kubrick
Stalingrad    DVD Stalingrad
Star!    DVD Star
The Star         DVD Star
Starbuck    DVD Starbuck
Stardust      DVD Stardust
Stargate Season 5        DVD Stargate S5
Starship Troopers    DVD Starship
Star Trek    DVD Star
Star Trek IV    DVD Star Trek IV
Star Wars: The Clone Wars    DVD Star (Clone)
Star Wars I. Phantom Menace    DVD Star v.1 Phantom
Star Wars II. Attack of the clones         DVD Star v. 2 Attack
Star Wars III. Revenge of the Sith         DVD Star v. 3 Revenge
Star Wars trilogy IV A New Hope      DVD Star v.4 New
Star Wars trilogy V  The Empire Strikes Back    DVD Star v. 5 Empire
Star Wars trilogy VI The Return of the Jedi       DVD Star v.6 Return
Star Wars trilogy Bonus disc       DVD Star
Stardust : the Bette Davis story       DVD Stardust
Stargate         DVD Stargate
State Fair    DVD State
The Station Agent    DVD Station
Statue of Liberty    DVD 974.7 Statue
Stealing Sinatra    DVD Stealing
Stealth    DVD Stealth
Steel Magnolias         DVD Steel
Stepford Wives    DVD Stepford
Steve Martin:  The Wild and Crazy Comedy Collection    DVD Jerk
Steve McQueen Collection:  Papillon    DVD Papillon
Sticky Fingers    DVD Sticky
Still Mine    DVD Still
The Sting         DVD Sting
Stone Cold    DVD Stone
Stop Loss    DVD Stop-Loss
The Story of Seabiscuit        DVD Story
The Story of Us        DVD Story
Stott Pilates        DVD 613.7 Stott (Basic)

Stott Pilates        DVD 613.7 Stott (Core)
Stott Pilates        DVD 617.7 Scott (Secret)
Straight From the Heart             DVD Straight
Straight Into Darkness        DVS Straight
Stranger Than Fiction        DVD Stranger
Street Kings        DVD Street
Stress        DVD 616.98 Stress
A Streetcar Named Desire        DVD Streetcar
Strictly Ballroom        DVD Strictly
Stripes        DVD Stripes
Studio Classics        DVD Affair
The Stupids        DVD Stupids
Sudden Impact        DVD Sudden
Summer of Sam        DVD Summer
Summertime        DVD Summertime
The Sum of all Fears        DVD Sum
Sunshine Cleaning        DVD Sunshine
Super 8        DVD Super 8
Super Bowl XXXVI Champions        DVD 796.332 Super
Super Buddies        DVD Supper
Supergirl        DVD Supergirl
Superman Returns        DVD Superman
Supernatural Season 1        DVD Supernatural S 1
Super Size Me        DVD 647.95 Super
Surface.  The Complete Series        DVD Surface
Surviving My Mother    French and English tracks    DVD Surviving
Suspect Zero        DVD Suspect
S.W.A.T.        DVD S.W.A.T.
Sweeney Todd        DVD Sweeney
Sweet Land        DVD Sweet
The Sweetest Thing        DVD Sweetest
Swimming with Sharks        DVD Swimming

Swindle        DVD Swindle
Swing Time        DVD Swing
Swordfish        DVD Swordfish
Syriana        DVD Syriana
Taggart Set 1        DVD Taggart Set 1
The Tailor of Panama        DVD Tailor
Take the Lead        DVD Take
Take the Money and Run        DVD Take
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3        DVD Taking
Taking Lives        DVD Taking
The Talented Mr. Ripley             DVD Talented
Tales from the Hive        DVD 595.79 Bees
Tangled        DVD Tangled
Tarpon    DVD 799.175 Tarpon
Taxi Driver    DVD Taxi
Tears of the Sun     DVD Tears
Tea with Mussolini         DVD Tea
Tell No One    DVD Tell
Tell Them Anything You Want    DVD B Sendak, M
Temple Grandin    DVD B Grandin
10 Questions for the Dalai Lama    DVD Ten
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall     DVD Tenant
The Terminator    DVD Terminator
Terminator Salvation    DVD Terminator
Terms of Endearment         DVD Terms
Tequila Sunrise    DVD Tequila
Thank You For Smoking    DVD Thank
That Night In Rio    DVD That
Thelma & Louise         DVD Thelma
Them!    DVD Them
There Will Be Blood    DVD There
These Old Broads    DVD These
They    DVD They
They Came to Cordura    DVD They
They Were Expendable    DVD They
The Thief of Bagdad    DVD Thief
The Thing    DVD Thing
The Thing from Another World    DVD Thing
The Thin Red Line    DVD Thin
The Third Man    DVD Third

Thirteen Ghosts    DVD Thirteen
This is Spinal Tap    DVD This is Spinal
The 39 Steps    DVD Hitchcock
The Thomas Crown Affair     (1999 remake)    DVD Thomas
Thomas Hart Benton    DVD 759.13 Benton
Thomas Jefferson    DVD B Jefferson
Three Documentaries    DVD Three
The Three Faces of Eve    DVD Three
Three Kings    DVD Three
Three Men and a Baby         DVD Three
The Three Stooges         DVD Fic Three
The Three Stooges and Other Cartoon Treasures    DVD Three
The Three Stooges : Curly Classics    DVD Three
The Three Stooges Collection V. 1 1934-1936    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 2 1937-1939    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 3 1940-1942    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 4 1943-1945    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 5 1946-1948    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 6 1949-1951    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 7 1952-1954    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges Collection V. 8 1955-1959    DVD Three Stooges Collection
The Three Stooges : four hilarious episodes.    DVD Three
The Three Stooges: Rare Treasures    DVD Three Stooges Rare
Throw Momma From The Train    DVD Throw
Thunderball         DVD Thunderball
Thunderbirds Are Go    DVD Thunderbirds
Tidal Wave    DVD Tidal
Tightrope    DVD Tightrope
The Tillman Story    DVD Tillman
The Time Machine         DVD Time
A Time to Kill         DVD Time
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy         DVD Fic Tinker
Tin Man    DVD Tin
Tintin    DVD Tintin
To Be or Not To Be    DVD To Be
To Catch a Thief    DVD To
Today You Die    DVD Today
To Die For    DVD To Die For
To Kill a Mockingbird         DVD To Kill
To Live    DVD To Live
To Live and Die In LA    DVD To Live
Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring    DVD Tom (Magic)
Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection    DVD Tom
Tom and Jerry Tales: Volume 3    DVD Tom V3
Tom and Jerry Tales: Volume 5    DVD Tom V5
The Tommyknockers    DVD Tommyknockers
Tomorrow Never Dies         DVD Tomorrow

Tooth and Nail    DVD Tooth
Tootsie    DVD Tootsie
Top Gun Over Moscow    DVD 623.7 Top
Top Hat    DVD Top Hat
Tora! Tora! Tora!         DVD Tora!
Total Recall         DVD Total
Touching the Void    DVD 796.52 Touching
Touch of Evil    DVD Touch
Touring the World’s Best Gardens:  Ireland & America    DVD 635.9 Touring
The Tourist    DVD Tourist
The Town    DVD Town
A Town Called Panic    DVD Town
The Towering Inferno    DVD Towering
Toy Story         DVD Toy
Toy Story 2    DVD Toy 2
Toy Story 3    DVD Toy3
Trade    DVD Trade
Training Day    DVD Training
Traitor    DVD Traitor
Transamerica    DVD Transamerica
Transformers    DVD Transformers
Transporter    DVD Transporter
Transporter 2    DVD Transporter 2
Transporter 3    DVD Transporter 3
Transsiberian    DVD Transsiberian
Treasure Island    DVD Treasure
Treasure Planet    DVD Treasure
The Tree of Life    DVD Tree
Trespass    DVD Trespass
The Triplets of Belleville    DVD Triplets
Tristan    DVD Tristan
The Triumph of Love    DVD Triumph
Trouble the Water    DVD 363.34 Trouble
The Trouble with Angels    DVD Trouble
Troy    DVD Troy
True Crime         DVD True
True Grit    DVD True
True Life Adventures. Vol 1 Wonder     DVD 500 True (Wonders)
True Life Adventures. Vol 2 Lands    DVD 500 True (Lands)

True Life Adventures. Vol 3 Creatures    DVD 500 True (Creatures)
The Truth about Cats & Dogs    DVD Truth
The Truth About Charlie         DVD Truth
Tuesdays with Morrie    DVD Tuesdays
Twelve Angry Men    DVD Twelve
The Twelve Chairs    DVD Twelve
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas    DVD Twelve
Twelve O’Clock High         DVD Twelve
Twilight         DVD Twilight
The Twilight Saga.  New Moon    DVD New Moon
The Twilight Saga. Eclipse    DVD Eclipse
The Twilight Zone    DVD Twilight
Twins         DVD Fic Twins
Twisted         DVD Twisted
Twister         DVD Twister
Two for the Money    DVD Two
Two Weeks Notice    DVD Two Weeks
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s big Happy Family    DVD Madeas
Ugetsu    Japanese with English subtitles    DVD Ugetsu
Ultimate Avengers, the Movie    DVD Ultimate
Ultimate Flint Collection    DVD Our Man Flint
Ultimate Flint Collection    DVD In Like Flint
The Ultimate Gift    DVD Ultimate
UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss    DVD 613.2 Hyman
Umberto D.    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Umberto
Unbreakable    DVD Unbreakable
Uncle Buck    DVD Uncle
Unconstitutional : the war on our civil liberties       DVD 345.73 Unconstitutional
Under the Sea    DVD 551.46 Under
Under the Tuscan Sun         DVD Under
Underground Railroad: The William Still Story    DVD 973.7 Underground

Underworld    DVD Underworld
Unearthed    DVD Unearthed
Unfaithful    DVD Unfaithful
Unforgivable Blackness    DVD Unforgivable
Unforgiven     DVD Unforgiven
The Unit.  Season 1    DVD The Unit, Season 1
Unknown    DVD Unknown
Unrest    DVD Unrest
The Unsinkable Molly Brown    DVD Unsinkable
Unsolved Mysteries Of the Second World War    DVD 940.54 Unsolved
The Untouchables    DVD Untouchables
Untraceable    DVD Untraceable
Up    DVD Up
Up in the Air    DVD Up
Up In Smoke    DVD Cheech
Up Periscope    DVD Up
U.S. Marshals    DVD U.S. Marshals
U.S.-Mexican War 1846-1848    DVD 979.62 U.S.
The Usual Suspects    DVD Usual
Utopia     DVD Utopia
Vacancy    DVD Vacancy
Vaccination: Not Just for Kids    DVD 614.4 Vaccination
Valkyrie    DVD Valkyrie
Valley of the Dolls    DVD Valley
Van Helsing    DVD Van Helsing
Vanilla Sky    DVD Vanilla
Vantage Point    DVD Vantage
Velocity    DVD Velocity
Venus    DVD Venus
V for Vendetta         DVD V for Vendetta
Vera     DVD Vera
Vera Cruz    DVD Vera

A Very Long Engagement    DVD Very Long
Vexed. Series 1    DVD Vexed S 1
Vexed. Series 2    DVD Vexed S 2
Vicky Cristina Barcelona    DVD Vicky
Victory at Sea    DVD 940.54 Victory
Video Resources on the Constitution    DVD 342.73 Video
Vietnam.  America’s Conflict    DVD 959.704 Vietnam
The Village         DVD Village
Vincere    Italian with English subtitles    DVD Vincere
Vinyan    DVD Vinyan
The V.I.P.s    DVD V.I.P.s
The Virgin Spring    Swedish with English subtitles    DVD Virgin
Viridiana    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Viridiana
Visions    DVD 941.1 Visions
The Visitor    DVD Visitor
Viva Cuba    Spanish with English subtitles    DVD Viva
Viva Las Vegas    DVD Viva
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea    DVD Voyage
The Wages of Fear    DVD Wages
Waiting to Exhale    DVD Waiting
Waking Ned Devine         DVD Waking
Waking Sleeping Beauty    DVD 791.43 Waking
Walk, Don’t Run    DVD Walk
The Walker    DVD Walker
Walking Tall    DVD Walking
Walking with Dinosaurs    DVD 567.9 Walk
Walk the Line    DVD Walk
Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the were-rabbit    DVD Wallace (Curse)
Wallander    DVD Wallander
WALL-E    DVD Wall-E
Walled In    DVD Walled

Wall Street: Monday Never Sleeps    DVD Wall
Walmart    DVD 381 Wal*mart
Walt & El Grupo: The Untold Adventures    DVD 940.53 Walt
Waltz with Bashir    DVD 956.05 Waltz
Wanted    DVD Wanted
War    DVD War
War, Inc    DVD War Inc
The War of 1812    DVD 973.5 War
War of the Worlds    DVD War
The War Episode 1    DVD 940.54 Disc 1
The War Episode 2 & 3    DVD 940.54 Disc 2
The War Episode 4    DVD 940.54 Disc 3
The War Episode 5    DVD 940.54 Disc 4
The War Episode 6    DVD 940.54 Disc 5
The War Epsidoe 7    DVD 940.54 Disc 6
War and Peace         DVD War
War-Gods of the Deep    DVD War-Gods
The War Lover     DVD War
The War That Made America    DVD 973.2 War
Warner Bros. Academy Awards Animation Collection    DVD Warner
The Watcher    DVD Watcher
Watchmen    DVD Watchmen
Water    DVD Water
Water for Elephants    DVD Water
The Water Horse    DVD Water
Waiting for Superman    DVD Waiting
Wayne’s World    DVD Wayne’s
The Way Back    DVD Way
The Way I Spent the End of the World    DVD Way
The Way of the Gun    DVD Wayne’s
The Way We Get By:  Sometimes It Takes a Handshake    DVD 956.704 Way
The Way We Live Now    DVD Way

We Are Marshall    DVD We Are
Weather Girl     DVD Weather
We Bought a Zoo    DVD We
The Wedding Date    DVD Wedding
The Wedding Planner    DVD Wedding
Wendy and Lucy    DVD Wendy
We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes  DVD 970.004 We
We Were Soldiers         DVD We Were
Weeds. Season 1    DVD Weeds S 1
Weeds. Season 2    DVD Weeds S 2
Weeds. Season 3    DVD Weeds S 3
Weeds. Season 4    DVD Weeds S 4
Weeds. Season 5    DVD Weeds S 5
Weeds. Season 6    DVD Weeds S 6
Weeds. Season 7    DVD Weeds S 7
Weeds. Season 8    DVD Weeds S 8
Weekend at Bernie’s         DVD Weekend
The Weight of Water         DVD Weight
We Own the Night    DVD We Were
The West    DVD 978 West
West Side Story    DVD West
West Side Waltz    DVD West
Whale Rider    DVD Whale
What About Bob?         DVD What
What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole    DVD What
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?         DVD What Ever
What Happens in Vegas    DVD What
What Just Happened    DVD What
What Lies Beneath    DVD What
What Maisie Knew    DVD What
What Women Want    DVD What

When We Left Earth    DVD 629.45 When
When We Were Kings         DVD 796.8 When
Where the Money Is    DVD Where
Where the Wild Things Are    DVD Where
While You Were Sleeping    DVD While
White Coats    DVD White
The White Countess         DVD White
White Noise 2    DVD White
The White Ribbon    DVD White
The White Sheik    DVD White
White Squall    DVD White
Who Framed Roger Rabbit    DVD Who
The Whole Nine Yards         DVD Whole
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?    DVD Who’s Afraid
Why Shakespeare?    DVD 822.33 Why
Wicked Little Things    DVD Wicked
The Wicker Man    DVD Wicker
Wicker Park    DVD Wicker
The Wild Bunch    DVD Wild
Wild Hogs    DVD Wild
The Wild One    DVD Wild
Wild Strawberries    Swedish with English subtitles    DVD Wild
Wild Things    DVD Wild
Wild West Box Vol 1    DVD Wild
Wild West Box Vol 2    DVD Wild
Willie Wonka    DVD Willy
Willow    DVD Willow
Wimbledon    DVD Wimbledon
Winchester ’73    DVD Winchester
Winsor Pilates.  Ab Sculpting    DVD 613.7 Pilates (Ab)
Winsor Pilates. Basic 3 DVD Workout Set    DVD 613.7 Pilates (Basic)
Winsor Pilates.  Bun & Thigh Sculpting    DVD 613.7 Pilates (Bun)
Winsor Pilates.  Power Sculpting with Resistance    DVD 613.7 Pilates (Power)
Windtalkers         DVD Windtalkers
The Wind that Shakes the Barley    DVD Wind
Winged Migration    DVD 598 Winged
Wings of Life    DVD 571.86 Wings
Winter Solstice    DVD Winter
The Witches of Eastwick    DVD Witches
Withnail and I     DVD Withnail

Witness for the Prosecution         DVD Witness
The Wiz    DVD Wiz
Wolf Creek         DVD Wolf
The Wolfman    DVD Wolfman
A Woman of Substance    DVD Woman
The Woman in White    DVD Woman
The Women         DVD Women
Women In Love    DVD Women
The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Collection  DVD Woody Vol. 1
The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Collection  DVD Woody Vol. 2
Woody Woodpecker and Other Cartoon Treasures    DVD Woody
Wordplay    DVD 793.73 Wordplay
Working Girl    DVD Working
The World At War  11 Volume set    DVD 940.53 World
The World Is Not Enough         DVD World
World Series 2004: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals    DVD 796.354 World
World Trade Center    DVD World
Wreck-It-Ralph    DVD Wreck
The Wrestler    DVD Wrestler
WWII Collection    DVD WWII
The X Files: I Want To Believe    DVD X Files (I Want)
The X Files: Fight the Future    DVD X Files (Fight)
The X Files Season 1    DVD X-Files S1
The X Files Season 2    DVD X-Files S2
The X Files Season 3    DVD X-Files S3
The X Files Season 4    DVD X-Files S4
The X Files Season 6    DVD X-Files S6
The X Files Season 7    DVD X-Files S7
The X Files Season 8    DVD X-Files S8
X-Men Origins. Wolverine    DVD X-Men Wolverine
XXX: State of the Union    DVD XXX State
The Year of Living Dangerously    DVD Year
Year of the Dog    DVD Year
Yellow Submarine         DVD Yellow
Yes, Virginia    DVD Yes
Ying Xiong=Hero    Mandarin with English subtitles    DVD Hero
Yoga conditioning for weight loss         DVD 613.704 Yoga
Yoga     DVD Yoga
Yoga: Ages 8-15    DVD 613.7 Yoga

Yoga Burn    DVD 613.7 Yoga
Yoga conditioning for weight loss         DVD 613.7 Yoga
Yoga Mind & Body    DVD 613.7 Yoga
Yogi    DVD Yogi
Yogi Bear’s All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper    DVD Yogi
YorkBeachMe.com presents Spring 2003 DVD Highlights      DVD 974.1 York
You Can’t Take it With You    DVD You Can’t
Young At Heart (1954)    DVD Young
Young @ Heart (2008)    DVD Young
Young Frankenstein    DVD Young
Young Goethe in Love    German with English subtitles    DVD Young
Young James Herriot    DVD B Herriot
The Young Victoria    DVD Young
You Only Live Twice         DVD You
Youth Without Youth    DVD Youth
You’ve Got Mail    DVD You’ve
Zathura    DVD Zathura
Zero Dark Thirty    DVD Zero
Zodiac    DVD Zodiac
Zombieland    DVD Zombieland
Zookeeper    DVD Zookeeper
Zoolander    DVD Zoolander

2001 A Space Odyssey    Blu-ray 2001
Adjustment Bureau    Blu-ray Adjustment
Africa: Eye to Eye with the Unknown     Blu-ray 916.04 Africa
African Cats    Blu-ray 591.74 African
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry    Mandarin with English subtitles    Blu-ray 709.2 Ai
Albert Nobbs    Blu-ray Albert
Amadeus    Blu-ray Amadeus
American Violet        Blu-ray American

The Amish        Blu-ray 289.7 Amish
Amour    French with English subtitles    Blu-ray Amour
Anna Karenina        Blu-ray Anna
Another Year        Blu-ray Another
Any Given Sunday        Blu-ray Any
Argo        Blu-ray Argo
Artist        Blu-ray Artist
Atonement        Blu-ray Atonement
Australia’s First 4 Billion Years        Blu-ray 959.4 Australia
Avatar        Blu-ray Avatar
The Avengers        Blu-ray Avengers
Babine    French with English subtitles    Blu-ray Babine
Bad Seed        Blu-ray Bad
Bambi        Blu-ray Bambi
Barney’s Version        Blu-ray Barney’s
Batman & Robin        Blu-ray Batman
Being There        Blu-ray Being
Beasts of the Southern Wild        Blu-ray Beasts
Beauty and the Beast        Blu-ray Beauty
Bellflower        Blu-ray Bellflower
Bigger Than Life        Blu-ray Bigger
Birdsong        Blu-ray Bird
The Black Pirate        Blu-ray Black
The Blind Side        Blu-ray Blind
Brave        Blu-ray Brave
Braveheart        Blu-ray Braveheart
The Bucket List        Blu-ray Bucket
The Budda: The Story of Siddhartha        Blu-ray 294.3 Buddha
Bullhead        Blu-ray Bullhead
Call the Midwife Season 1        Blu-ray Call S 1
Call the Midwife Season 2        Blu-ray Call S 2
Capitalism: A Love Story        Blu-ray 330.12 Capitalism

Cars 2        Blu-ray Cars 2
Casino Royale        Blu-ray Casino
A Cat in Paris        Blu-ray Cat
Certified Copy        Blu-ray Certified
Che    Spanish with English subtitles    Blu-ray Che
Changeling        Blu-ray Changeling
A Charlie Brown Christmas        Blu-ray Charlie
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving        Blu-ray Charlie
Chicago        Blu-ray Chicago
Chico & Rita        Blu-ray Chico
Chimpanzee        Blu-ray 599.88 Chimpanzee
Chinatown        Blu-ray Chinatown
Cloud Atlas        Blu-ray Cloud
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky French w/ Eng subtitles Blu-ray Coco
The Conspirator        Blu-ray Conspirator
The Contract    Blu-ray Contract
Coraline    Blu-ray Coraline
Cowboys & Aliens    Blu-ray Cowboys
Crazy Heart    Blu-ray Crazy
The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos  Blu-ray 598.3 Crimson
The Croods    Blu-ray Croods
Cuba    Blu-ray 972.91 Cuba
Cul-de-Sac    Blu-ray Cul-de-Sac
A Dangerous Method    Blu-ray Dangerous
The Deep Blue Sea    Blu-ray Deep
Delicacy    Blu-ray Delicacy
The Departed    Blu-ray Departed
Descendants    Blu-ray Descendants
Diary of a Mad Black Woman    Blu-ray Diary
Disney’s A Christmas Carol    Blu-ray Christmas
Django Unchained    Blu-ray Django
Doctor Zhivago    Blu-ray Doctor
Downton Abbey Season 1    Blu-ray Downton S 1
Downton Abbey Season 2    Blu-ray Downton S 2
Downton Abbey Season 3    Blu-ray Downton S 3
The Dust Bowl    Blu-ray 973.917 Dust
Earth    Blu-ray 590 Earth
Eat Pray Love    Blu-ray Eat
Edward Scissorhands    Blu-ray Edward
Enchanted    Blu-ray Enchanted
Epic    Blu-ray Epic

Everlasting Moments    Blu-ray Everlasting
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close    Blu-ray Extremely
The Fairy    Blu-ray Fairy
Fargo    Blu-ray Fargo
Film Socialisme    French with English subtitles    Blu-ray Film
Finding Neverland    Blu-ray Finding
Flight    Blu-ray Flight
For a Few Dollars More    Blu-ray For a Few
“42”    Blu-ray 42
Frankenweenie    Blu-ray Frankenweenie
Freedom Riders    Blu-ray 323.1 Freedom
The French Connection    Blu-ray French
The Front Line    Blu-ray 951.9 Front
Frosty the Snowman    Blu-ray Frosty
Frozen Planet: The Complete Series    Blu-ray 577.09 Frozen
Galapagos: The Islands that Changed the World    Blu-ray 508.866 Galapagos
Ganges    Blu-ray 577.6 Ganges
Gangs of New York    Blu-ray Gangs
Gladiator    Blu-ray Gladiator
Ghost Recon Alpha    Blu-ray Ghost
Ghostbusters    Blu-ray Ghostbusters
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo    Blu-ray Girl
Godfather    Blu-ray Godfather
Godfather Part II    Blu-ray Godfather Pt 2
Gone with the Wind    Blu-ray Gone
Gran Torino    Blu-ray Gran
Great Expectations    Blu-ray Great
The Great Rift    Blu-ray 967.6 Great
Green Hornet    Blu-ray Green
The Guard    Blu-ray Guard
The Guilt    Blu-ray Guilt
Happy Feet Two    Blu-ray Happy
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows    Blu-ray Harry (Deathly 2)
Heaven’s Gate    Blu-ray Heavens
The Help    Blu-ray Help
The Himalayas    Blu-ray 915.4 Himalayas
Hitchcock    Blu-ray Hitchcock
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey    Blu-ray Hobbit
Hop    Blu-ray Hop
Hotel Rwanda    Blu-ray Hotel
Hotel Transylvania    Blu-ray Hotel
Howl    Blu-ray Howl
How the Grinch Stole Christmas    Blu-ray How the
How to Train Your Dragon    Blu-ray How to
Hugo    Blu-ray Hugo
Human Planet: The Complete Series    Blu-ray 304.2 Human

Hunger Games    Blu-ray Hunger
Hyde Park on Hudson    Blu-ray Hyde
Ice Age: Continental Drift    Blu-ray Ice Continental
Illusionist    Blu-ray Illusionist
The Impossible    Blu-ray Impossible
In a Better World    Blu-ray In a Better
In Darkness    Blu-ray In Darkness
Incendies    Blu-ray Incendies
The Intouchables    Blu-ray Intouchables
Invictus    Blu-ray Invictus
Iron Lady    Blu-ray Iron
Iron Monkey    Blu-ray Iron
Into the Abyss    Blu-ray 364.152 Into
Invasion of the Body Snatchers    Blu-ray Invasion
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown    Blu-ray It’s the
Jackie Brown    Blu-ray Jackie
James and the Giant Peach    Blu-ray James
Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey    Blu-ray Northanger
Jaws    Blu-ray Jaws
Julie & Julia    Blu-ray Julie
Juno    Blu-ray Juno
Jurassic Park    Blu-ray Jurassic
Jurassic Park    Blu-ray Jurassic 3D
Kill Bill Volume 1    Blu-ray Kill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Volume 2    Blu-ray Kill Vol. 2
The Killing    Blu-ray Killing
The King’s Speech    Blu-ray Kings
Knowing    Blu-ray Knowing
Kon-Tiki    Blu-ray 910.4 Kon-Tiki
The Ladykillers    Blu-ray Ladykillers
Last Chance Harvey    Blu-ray Last
The Last Station    Blu-ray Last
A Late Quartet    Blu-ray Late
Legion    Blu-ray Legion
Le Havre    Blu-ray Le Havre
Les Miserables    Blu-ray Les Miserables
Letter Never Sent    Russian with English subtitles    Blu-ray Letter
Life of Pi    Blu-ray Life
The Little Mermaid    Blu-ray Little
Lincoln    Blu-ray Lincoln
The Lion King    Blu-ray Lion
The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol 1    Blu-ray Looney Platinum V 1
Looper    Blu-ray Looper
The Lorax    Blu-ray Lorax
Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring   Blu-ray Lord (Fellowship)
Lord of the Rings.  The Return of the King    Blu-ray Lord (Return)
Lord of the Rings.  The Two Towers    Blu-ray Lord (Two)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted    Blu-ray Madagascar 3
Madagascar: The Land Where Evolution Ran Wild    Blu-ray 591.9 Madagascar
Mad Max        Blu-ray Mad
Magnolia        Blu-ray Magnolia
Major League        Blu-ray Major
Mama    Spanish and English tracks    Blu-ray Mama
Management        Blu-ray Management
Mansfield Park        Blu-ray Mansfield
Margaret        Blu-ray Margaret
Marley        Blu-ray B Marley, B
The Master        Blu-ray Master
Melancholia        Blu-ray Melancholia
The Men Who Stare at Goats        Blu-ray Men
The Merry Gentleman        Blu-ray Merry
Midnight in Paris        Blu-ray Midnight
Million Dollar Baby        Blu-ray Million
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol        Blu-ray Mission
Moneyball        Blu-ray Moneyball
Moonrise Kingdom        Blu-ray Moonrise
Moonstruck        Blu-ray Moonstruck
Monsieur Lazhar    French with English subtitles    Blu-ray Monsieur
Monsters University        Blu-ray Monsters
Mother        Blu-ray Mother
Moulin Rouge        Blu-ray Moulin
Mud        Blu-ray Mud
Mysteries of Lisbon    Blu-ray Mysteries
Mystery of Easter Island    Blu-ray 996.18 Mystery
Mystic River    Blu-ray Mystic
My Week with Marilyn    Blu-ray My Week
Natural Born Killers    Blu-ray Natural
Nature.  Ocean Giants    Blu-ray 599.5 Ocean
No Country For Old Men    Blu-ray No Country
No Reservations    Blu-ray No Reservations
Nordwand    Blu-ray 791.43 North
Nothing Sacred    Blu-ray Nothing
Oceans    Blu-ray 551.46 Oceans

Outside the Law    Blu-ray Outside
ParaNorman    Blu-ray ParaNorman
Parental Guidance    Blu-ray Parental
Pirate Radio    Blu-ray Pirate
A Place at the Table    Blu-ray 363.8 Place
The Place Beyond the Pines    Blu-ray Place
Planet Earth: The Complete Series    Blu-ray 508 Planet
Point Blank    Blu-ray Point
Polytechnique    Blu-ray Polytechnique
Prestige    Blu-ray Prestige
Pulp Fiction    Blu-ray Pulp
Puss in Boots    Blu-ray Puss
Quartet    Blu-ray Quartet
Queen    Blu-ray Queen
Red Riding    Blu-ray Red
Resident Evil: Extinction    Blu-ray Resident
Rise of the Guardians    Blu-ray Rise
Rise of the Planet of the Apes    Blu-ray Rise
A Royal Affair    Blu-ray Royal
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer    Blu-ray Rudolph
The Rum Diary    Blu-ray Rum
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen    Blu-ray Salmon
Salt    Blu-ray Salt
Santa Buddies    Blu-ray Santa
Santa Claus is Coming to Town    Blu-ray Santa
The Sapphires    Blu-ray Sapphires
Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought    Blu-ray 299.936 Scientology
The Searchers    Blu-ray Searchers
Searching for Sugar Man    Blu-ray 782.42 Searching
Secretariat    Blu-ray Secretariat
Secret in their Eyes    Blu-ray Secret
Secret of the Wings    Blu-ray Secret
Secrets of the Sun    Blu-ray 523.7 Secrets
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World    Blu-ray Seeking
A Separation    Blu-ray Separation
Seven Psychopaths    Blu-ray Seven
Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World    Blu-ray 726.143 Seven
Sherlock Holmes        Blu-ray Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows        Blu-ray Sherlock
Shine a Light        Blu-ray Shine
The Silence of the Lambs        Blu-ray Silence
Silver Linings Playbook        Blu-ray Silver
A Single Man        Blu-ray Single

The Skin I Live In        Blu-ray Skin
Sling Blade        Blu-ray Sling
Slumdog Millionaire        Blu-ray Slumdog
Sound of My Voice        Blu-ray Sound
Source Code        Blu-ray Source
Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange        Blu-ray Clockwork
Starship Troopers: Invasion        Blu-ray Starship (Invasion)
The Story of India        Blu-ray 954 Story
Super 8         Blu-ray Super 8
Sweet Smell of Success        Blu-ray Sweet
Syriana        Blu-ray Syrania
T-2: Judgment Day        Blu-ray Terminator 2
The Terminator        Blu-ray Terminator
Then She Found Me        Blu-ray Then
The Thieves        Blu-ray Thieves
Things to Come        Blu-ray Things
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy        Blu-ray Tinker
Toy Story         Blu-ray Toy
Toy Story 2        Blu-ray Toy 2
Toy Story 3        Blu-ray Toy 3
The Tree of Life        Blu-ray Tree
Troll        Blu-ray Troll
True Grit        Blu-ray True
Two Lovers        Blu-ray Two
The Turin Horse    Hungarian with English subtitles    Blu-ray Turin
The Uninvited         Blu-ray Uninvited
V for Vendetta        Blu-ray V for
Valkyrie        Blu ray Valkyrie
Vampires        Blu-ray Vampires
The War        Blu-ray 940.54 War
War Horse        Blu-ray War
What Maisie Knew        Blu-ray What

Where Do We Go Now?          Blu-ray Where
Where the Wild Things Are        Blu-ray Where
White Material        Blu-ray White
The White Ribbon    German with English subtitles    Blu-ray White
Wings of Life        Blu-ray 571.86 Wings
Winter’s Bone        Blu-ray Winters
The Wizard of Oz        Blu-ray Wizard
Wreck-It-Ralph        Blu-ray Wreck
The Wrestler        Blu-ray Wrestler
Wuthering Heights        Blu-ray Wuthering
X-Men First Class    Blu-ray X-Men (First)
Yellow Submarine    Blu-ray Yellow
Yellowstone: Battle for Life    Blu-ray Yellowstone
The Young Victoria    Blu-ray Young
Zero Dark Thirty    Blu-ray Zero